Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 79

Secretary Chu: Sustainability is the new space race…
LanzaTech, Virent, RTI Land DOE Grants for Drop-in Biofuels: U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced up to $...
Lawmaker, sustainability advocates push for implementation of GIPSA rules | Iowa…
Free Happiness Index at: - how do you measure up????
Milestone for USGBC with 10,000 projects earning LEED ratings
Melting permafrost could release 68 billion tons of carbon 
China and India are so hungry for coal that access to their own domestic reserves is inadequate.
Solar company that Obama visited will shut down – Reuters
Environmental Watchdog Report Calls Apple To Task For Suppliers' Violations
Fashion Week Is Pruning Its Diesel Generators
The Most Important Sustainability Challenges for your organization in 2011: 
New York City is Going Green, kicks off MillionTrees NYC
John Podesta: Climate Change Deniers are the ‘Know-Nothings’ of this Generation
Economic Impact Of Texas Drought Could Be Greater Than Cost From Irene
Bennet urges new meat industry anti-trust regulations:
Why does the federal government kill some 27,000 beavers a year?
September 1 News: Facing Coal Shortages, China Increases Clean Energy Targets; Jon Huntsman Not the ‘Green’ Republic...
Staying green when there’s a lack of green (How to go green AND stay on a budget)
Art and Transformation in Detroit
Big Solar Goes Bankrupt, Hockey Goes Organic, Sami Goes Shopping
Subterranean Anti-Atomic Shelter Transformed into a Cool and Cavernous Internet Provider Facility  -Inhabitat
Major Coal Plant to Close, Transform into Green Community?
Report for Obama Questions Effectiveness of Gas Drilling Regulations green
Bike Wheel Transforms Peddling Into Power…
Oil shocks may be good for the economy green
They prevent our cities from being shrouded in smog - and they keep polluters from calling the
CSR: How to Sift Through Sustainability Raters…
ERCOT press release on grid reliability stemming from x-state pollution rule; projection of big capacity reductions.…
Round-trip from Philly to NYC to DC is Just $3.50. Say What?!
Could California ban styrofoam cups? green
Tar Sands Protest Spotlights Looming Eco-Catastrophe
Critical List: Federally backed solar company closes; London drops carbon offset plan for Olympics
UK Announces Smart Grid Communications Contracts Worth Up to $7.5B: The government of the United Kingdom is pu...
Cutting soot emissions: Fastest, most economical way to slow global warming? green
Animated Short Film from Chipotle & Willie Nelson Highlights Sustainable Farms (Video)
Colorful Hawai’i Wildlife Center Protects and Rehabilitates Endangered Species on the Big Island – Inhabitat
Canadian Solar Launches PV Module With 19.5% Efficient ELPS Technology: Canadian Solar Inc. has introduced new s...
20 MW Roadrunner Solar Facility Now Operating: NRG Solar, a subsidiary of NRG Energy Inc., says its 20 MW Roadru...
Cornell Student Invents Clothing That Traps Toxic Gases and Odors ~Inhabitat
Muni Utility Smart Grid plans – survey results from GTM | greentechgrid 

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