Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 81

sus.tain’a.bil’i.ty n. the ability to meet the needs of the present while living within the carrying capacity…deck.ly/~YwPPH
Addressing the challenges of climatechange should not be about sacrifice but about opportunity http://virg.co/ener
Why employee engagement is critical to sustaining sustainability http://grn.bz/nU4CQi
Russian, U.S. scientists set to study methane release in Arctic bit.ly/nEbkSf
A soup of blue green algae in Lake Erie can be seen from space - and it's a death knell for the Great Lake. bit.ly/oUo3B2
Process Uses Plastic Bottles To Remove Arsenic from Drinking Water http://ow.ly/6kCUq
Local gardens address two issues at once: Fight hunger and obesity bit.ly/ppjKq6
Forget about making poverty history. Climate change will make poverty permanent. - Nazmul Chowdhury
Why is Water from a Garden Hose so Delicious? bit.ly/pvymL4
What can we do with all of the waste we create: bit.ly/omEpyS
The World’s Largest Wooden Residential Dome is the Green Dome in Long Island  bit.ly/qewIs7
Why Towns With Good Transit Options Are Recovering Faster From the Recession  bit.ly/oQrZh5
Options for Solar Photovoltaic Systems bit.ly/nmKQz5
GOOD MOVE: Green Energy Corp software in KEMA smart grid interoperability lab - KEMA: bit.ly/qnj0Em
Home improvements that pay off http://ow.ly/6llgc
Solar-Powered Biketower BT 20-112 is a Multi-Story Parking Lot for Bikes http://ow.ly/6ll16
Map of wildfires and smoke cover currently affecting the US bit.ly/pk1DEU
Private Sector Accounts for $2.4 Trillion in Green Investment Since 2007 http://ow.ly/6mxnf Green Sectors Top $2.4 Trillion at Mid-Year!!! http://ow.ly/6mxeb
Rupert Murdoch and Dick Cheney Back an Oil Shale Company With Faulty Wells. We’re Shocked! bit.ly/oJPE3P
"Breakdown to Breakthrough: Reimagining Civilization in the Age of Nature" inspiring conference trailer bit.ly/pa90iZ
Best Green Houses: An evolving prototype employs a raised floor system and a double-height volume. bit.ly/nQkKIk
Amazing Green Building, Questionable BIPV Solar Install: Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is a polarized... http://bit.ly/q4WO4y
52% of Muni Utility Execs Unsure Who Owns Smart Meter Data: Advanced meters are just one aspect of the smart grid... http://bit.ly/qLLsxC
Nation’s Leading Green Competition Begins: http://bit.ly/plAEYm
Wondering what a broken tarsands pipeline looks like? http://bit.ly/oGeqBU
Subway Introduces Eco-Restaurants http://bit.ly/qiDaCS
Breakthrough in protecting global crops from disease http://tw.physorg.com/234522158
Total Arctic Sea Ice at record low in 2010: study http://ow.ly/6maoW
Better public transit could help economic recovery: Could improving local public transportation help communities. http://smrt.io/qUe5Ts

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