Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 72

Deutsche Bahn's 100% renewable energy target is 2050, up from 20% now. They use 2% of all German electricity. Over to you British rail ops?
Calif game wardens #fish for #trout burglars in 1st large-scale theft from state hatchery  http://ow.ly/6a7J1
Profitable, Responsible or Both?businesswire.com/news/home/2011…
The Efficiency Opportunity Roadmap bit.ly/nQyvAv
Eco-Index apparel tool gets an upgrade, moves to pilot phase bit.ly/n9uYIk
162 Arrested at White House Sit-ins Against Tar Sands Pipeline ~ bit.ly/n3pipy
US Wind Turbine Efficiency Research ~ bit.ly/ndX7z1
Indian sun attracts US funding bit.ly/oonj97
Why Both Parties Get it Wrong on Cap-and-Trade, Ford & Toyota Team Up on Hybrids, and More... -eepurl.com/fnGWg
Proposed natural gas pipeline project off FL coast seemed like a good bet before shale gas but now...? tampabay.com/news/environme…
EPA switches on greenhouse gas reporting tool smrt.io/ookwUh
The Plastic Disclosure Project bit.ly/ndU5yW
Sri Lanka's New Flashpoint for Human-Elephant Conflict green bit.ly/o3o8ah
New Report: The Potential for Urban Agriculture goo.gl/fb/IqJqs
Corporate Philanthropy: The Business Case bit.ly/oqzNUm
Analysts Cautiously Bullish On Yingli Green Energy (YGE) Following Earnings bit.ly/r3szGj
18 Watt GL-DL08 LED Downlight Introduced in GlacialLight's Capella Series goo.gl/DN4dE
China Tops 2011 Index Rankings for Renewable Energy: Influential commentators in Japan, Germany, Russia, the US... bit.ly/qA1Wnz
Can CSP Settle in India?: India, possessing great potential and more than enough suitable land with sufficient ... bit.ly/qBwOGs
Kansas City Ballet's New Home an Example of Adaptive Reuse bit.ly/rqehMs  BNIM renovates a 1914 brick structure.
Looking for romance distracts women from science, says study ~ bit.ly/qIm1RN
Nalco Reports on Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability Pro... via PRNewswire http://pop.to/6s5l
 Designs That Can Save The World http://ow.ly/6a7Y9
City Council's Green Ideas Include Possible Plastic Bag Ban - Jamaica Plain, patch.com/A-lt9g
"Another inspiring article from @sustaincities … re soc.li/C7fwPVF
Michael Bloomberg Gives Millions To Anti Coal Campaign bit.ly/mW9Rno
Thin Film Solar Startup Solexant and Its New CEO: Today's thin-film solar market, if you want to call it a mar... bit.ly/pc2vN5
NV Energy Releases 2010 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report: /PRNewswire/ - NV Energy...bit.ly/qtr08O sustainability
What do you think of Volkswagen's Vision? Electric Commuter Car...For One bit.ly/rfyKyT
A Sustainable Development Effort One Hundred Years in the Making bit.ly/oAHTGe
Oil exploration near seabird colonies would pose untenable risk, warns RSPB green bit.ly/mXkyC8
Does Economic Growth Undermine Prosperity? - Image credit: woodleywonderworks, used under Creative Commons license. ... ow.ly/1emVd1
Sustainability in the Workplace is Everyone's Business - Moorestown, patch.com/A-ltLK
Critical List: Climategate scientist cleared; Halliburton exec drinks fracking fluid: bit.ly/oZGibJ
Herb Greene’s Crazy 1960s Prairie Chicken House Was a Green Design Before its Time bit.ly/ow2z9t – Inhabitat
A new tool to monitor water, sanitation commitments smrt.io/pBh4nF
In Brazil Auction, Wind Power is Cheaper than Natural Gas bit.ly/oOtJ2Q
NRDC in the News 8/22: Keystone XL pipeline, Gulf drilling, global warming emission reductions, and more... bit.ly/olME0d
Will a startup finally find the key to profits in fuel cells? ClearEdge Wins Huge $73.5M VC Round greentechmedia.com/articles/read/…
Japan goes big with utility-scale solar Utility Scale Solar Gains Momentum in Japan t.co/QPBJkfq
If Kenyans can't farm outside thanks to drought and pests, why not farm inside?  green t.co/fLHAhIx
Utility-scale CPV starts its engines in the US Biggest CPV Project in US Up and Running in NM  t.co/ysK0tAO
Is the DOE loan guarantee program brilliant or crazy? SoloPower Gets $197M DOE Loan Guarantee t.co/IiuCyTz
A lifelong union member and onetime pipeline worker tells why he's marching against the tar-sands pipeline: t.co/nEqymo6
Poop-Fueled Batteries May Be Available for Home Use in 5 Years bit.ly/nu0wH2 – Inhabitat
Keystone XL: A Pipeline to Europe? - landlocked tar sands oil to go to Gulf Coast and then exported? green bit.ly/mUWDNC
Strategic Sustainability Consulting: The Insider’s Perspective with Jennifer Woofter | GroAction bit.ly/n83K5p
A solar controversy highlights the project permit process -- bit.ly/rfqjq8
China doesn't have the network to cope with renewable energy bit.ly/nyp61y

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