Monday, August 22, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 71

If environmental justice is the driver for public input in environmental decisions, how to we get more people to...
Poverty and national parks: Decade-long study finds surprising relationship
Unpacking Rick Perry's Energy Stance - NYTimes Does Rick #Perry's Texas Have Room For Solar Power?
Jon Huntsman speaks out on climate change
Bacteria -- energy producers of the future? (w/ video)
Lions Could Be Extinct in 10-15 Years! - Eco
New Report: Atlanta Has Worst Transit Coverage for ‘Zero-Vehicle Households’ -
Postal Service Touts Efficient Fleets, Alt-Fuel Adoption in Green Update
Organic market growth still outpaces conventional
Consumers need to ask why we must play a deadly game of roulette with our food choices.
New energy lab searches for next biofuel breakthrough (photos)
Protecting Today's Electical Grid -- and Tomorrow's Smart Grid
A positive vision for a sustainable future -
Lawmaker Asks LCRA To Suspend Lake Releases…
It's official: 93% reductions in mercury from cement kilns
Buddhist wisdom for the green soul [VIDEO]
New Post: Brinkmann Afterburner Waste Oil
Charge of the LED brigade: A global switch to LEDs will change the lighting business
German Village Produces 321% More Energy Than It Needs! -
Walking is good for us. So why isn't it safer? green
How Trilliant Works With Utilities On Their Smart Grid Plans | The Daily Energy Report
Japan to give $809 million climate aid to Indonesia-Pt Carbon ~Reuters
How to Make a Solar Food Dehydrater From Beer Cans #
Are the problems we're seeing in the Pacific Northwest oyster industry going to get worse and spread?
As Obama pushes for rural jobs, his regulators obliterate them
Bill McKibben – Making a Life on Planet Earth
Melting Arctic sea ice drives walruses onto land
Green Column: Trains That Run Like, and on, the Wind
Giant 'Bugnado' Swarms In America's Heartland green
Eau Claire (WI) looks to reduce its impact on climate change
China: ConocoPhillips finds 9 oil spill sources
70 arrested on first day of tar-sands-pipeline protest
Huntsman Slams Perry on Climate and Evolution: We Are “On the Wrong Side of Science and Therefore in a Losing Po...
Wal-Marting the Oceans: Marine Protection Reserves as Privatization Scam.
Should Nike be Applauded for Beating Adidas on the Greenpeace Detox Challenge? Nike comes clean with chemicals elimination pledge
The City Of The Future Is Already Here ~
Cellulosic ethanol and biochemicals company Coskata raises 1st part of series D round. Oil driller Total, GM investors
10 Totally Bizarre Ways to Green 
Blu Homes Unveils its Classic New England-Style Lofthouse Prefab Home  - Inhabitat
'One Billion Cars Now on World’s Roads, Driven by Exploding Demand from China'
Will the Car of the Future Be Aluminum?: Forget lithium for a moment. The metal on the Periodic Table that could...
How Whole Foods engages the whole employee on sustainability
World's largest solar panel maker sees profits slip after pulling out of PV deal…
Car data needs standards, too
For Gov Rick Perry's record on nuclear power, read to the bottom of TexasTribune piece on Perry & energy…
Kansas oil prospects up, natural gas fortunes… 
Darden Furthers Commitment to Sustainability With Solar Panel Installa... via PRNewswire
 Despite a Brooklyn judge dismissing the lawsuit against the PPW bike lane, opponents are not giving up
We Can Do Better Than 6 Miles Per Gallon: Redesigning America's Truck Fleet:
Put a Green Smiley Face on It - or Not: The Perils of Greenwashing
Country as Company USA Inc report from Mary Meeker at KPCB
Gov. Christie promised in 2009 to be the #NJ's "#1 clean energy advocate." So why is he breaking his promise?
landfill isn't a lost cause - great examples of these places can be flipped into  parks!
Secure food systems require strong ecosystems
Briggs & Stratton Corporation's Second Annual Sustainability Report Out -
MIT @ClimateCoLab Crowd-Sourcing Global Warming Solutions
California data center strives for largest LEED Platinum site
Samsung - Want to get the most out of your fridge? Start by keeping it full! Read why here
The story of Keystone XL - from OnEarth Magazine green
Climate change a risk to farmers as cattle suffer
NPR: A Battle Is Under Way For The Forests Of Borneo ~
Perfect Tips For Non-Chemical Pest Control - Perfect Gardening Tips
Fascinating project! Check her out-...
Today in Green IT: The modular data center grows up
To save on costs and meet stricter fuel econ standards, @Ford and @Toyota will jointly develop hybrid pickups and SUVs
Love a nice green lawn? (not you in drought areas -- go cactus!) Here are tips on not killing the planet to get
The latest #CSRchat on disaster relief- #philanthropy vs #csr among other key pts
Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite
Greener Ways to Control Pests
"Canada, home to the world's 3rd largest supply of renewable freshwater, has no national water protection plan."
Sustainable Packaging Goes Beyond Size - Photo credit: FotoosVanRobin/Creative Commons This guest post was written ...
J&J Sets 50MW Target for Onsite Renewable Energy…
These days, revolution in the Middle East is the least of the pressures on the price of gasoline.
Mitsubishi engine installed 4am Saturday. CHP plant will power 1/3rd of  UCF campus.

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