Monday, July 11, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 41

How President Obama can reclaim his green cred green
For the first time ever, developing countries lead yearly investment in clean energy:
Videos on climbing up the inside of wind turbines. green
Gemasolar solar thermal power plant supplies power for 24 hours straight
Do you know what’s recyclable??? eco
MIT demos flexible solar panels printed on paper:
The Carbon Tax and the electronics industry
Strong global green energy investments in 2010: UNEP report
Momentum Builds for White House Tar Sands Action
5 ways in which IT can improve sustainability
New York City Subway Sees Record Ridership: Why Taking the Train is Awesome
Are Urban Farms Actually Bad for the Environment?
Electricity Market Reform white paper - 10 questions that must be answered
While the economy suffers, we're shipping millions of green jobs overseas green
Following the Lifecycle of a T-shirt. How much water do you think a cotton tee uses over its lifetime? green
Solar Frontier CIS PV Panels Charging the Nissan Leaf: At 40 kilowatts, it's hardly the largest solar installation...
China pledges to support Africa in green energy growth
For The First Time, Developing Countries Spending The Most On Renewables
Can’t Eliminate an Invasive Species? Try Eating It. green
Taking on Streets, Sidewalks, and Public Spaces
Advanced Geothermal Projects Garner Another $11 Million in DOE Grant Money: A few weeks after doling out $70 mi...
5 hot topics to watch for at Intersolar -- Intersolar: SolFocus Refines CPV System, CPV Roundup: Intersolar North America arrives this week in San Francisco...
California Utility HAN Numbers: Very Low: The three large Califonia utilities, PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E have had t...
Was the First Solar Fire at Solar Ranch One a Blessing in Disguise?: The July 2 fire at the site of First Sola...
The new CSR "Company sees itself as the center of a network of long-term, win-win relationships with workers,...
Santa Fe Railyard Redevelopment Creates Rich Urban Experience
Dubai stopped supplying gasoline to neighboring emirates
Despite record drought, El Paso is keeping quenched
Supervalu is making a profit off recycling, organic waste diversion & food donations
Reducing the risk of climate catastrophe green
Using clothes to purify the air around us
Spotted: Pallet Transformed into Vertical Planter #green
Determining performance characteristics crucial for CSP: Why is the performance testing of newly developed plan...
Use a video as a CSR report, great idea! The Coca Cola Company tried it!
Australia plans to regulate carbon emissions with taxation for the worst polluters Latest #Ovum opinion: Australia to launch carbon tax and trading scheme - heads up software & services vendors The Australian Carbon Tax Plan: Pretty Good Actually green - Sustainability Jobs Get Green Light at Large Firms
The Clean Energy Mantra green
OSIsoft Announces Its Selection as Microsoft Sustainability Partner of the Year
Berea College campus goes green with Ecovillage | The Courier-Journal |
Are electric vehicles too quiet?: EVs may soon be required to emit noise alerts, warning pedestrians when they ...
Nancy Folbre: The Bicycle Dividend - green
Bill waiving environmental regulations for border security would cover all of Florida #green
Mitsubishi announces two new versions of its i-MiEV electric vehicle
Radiation biophysicist says we just don't know harm from Fukushima radiation in U.S.  green
Sustainability Software - green listed CSRware in csr
Building the Smart Grid: Business Upsides
Size Isn’t Everything? Tiger Attacked by a Bird! green
Maybe consumers and builders will finally start thinking twice about what they choose to build out of
Energy Opportunities: Ford's Vision for Smart Mobility
Wildlife Key to South Sudan's Future as New Nation - Group of giraffes in Badingilo National Park, South Sudan. Phot... Wildlife Key to South Sudan's Future as New Nation green
Nearly Two Billion People are Now Overweight green
World War II bombing raids offer new insight into the effects of aviation on climate green
Climate change forces early spring in Alberta, Canada green
The Future of Vehicles: Next-Gen Engines, EVs & Green Jet Fuels green
Green energy spending rises 32 percent  boosted by European rooftop PV 
Scary Maps of the New Climate Normal #green
Will solar cooking heat up Asia's green energy sector?
Greens hail win on renewables agency
Search for oil-soiled wildlife continues along Yellowstone River green Big Sky Country Struggles With Yellowstone Oil Spill Aftermath green
Governor Says Montana Was Misled on Oil Spill environment
Feminist icon Gloria Steinem on climate change, population, & deep ecology [VIDEO]
As Cities Plan for Waterfront Renovation, Lyon Runs a Victory Lap Around Its Finished Project green
ExxonMobil's Yellowstone pipeline leaked 71 times over 55 years green
Transparency is key for consumers who say they're willing to pay more for products made with renewable energy
U.S. transit goes off the rails:
From Kyoto to Copenhagen to... Hanoi? The Looming Failure of Yet Another Climate Change Meeting green
As Pakistan Powers Down, Protests Mount: Climate Change A Root Cause green
Biggest single investment ever made in renewable energy
Gillard's clean energy crusade
Europe 'falling behind' in green investment race | The Guardian green
Social Enterprise: The Missing Stage of Economic Development
We're just starting to see the effects of the BP oil spill green
Home Depot Starts Selling Personal Wind Turbines
US Investors want a 72,000 hectare palm oil plantation in the middle of the rainforest green
Can Florida’s nature and people outrace sea-level rise?
Lenovo and Challenge Teens to Take Action green
Find Your State on the National Register of Big Trees
Ocean's carbon dioxide uptake reduced by climate change
The end of cheap oil has got governments panicking to control prices rather than planning for a post-oil era. green
Carbon Trading scheme back on burner in Australia. Interesting as coal is major export. Trading this and that?
Switch Lighting: Dump your fluorescents and incandescents for this amazing new LED bulb #green
Breaking the spell of money: On real wealth, and why the rules of the game need to change green
$10bn reasons for a clean, happy response
What's the Business Case for Sustainability Standards? SC Johnson Settles Greenlist Lawsuit, and More... -
How Are Companies Putting Sustainability Standards to Work?
Why are fossil fuel assets Triple-A rated?
Make your Drinking Water Station Eco Friendly:
Et tu Brute - Renewable energy?
Half of wind farms in England and Wales rejected
Virtualisation; optimised power and cooling to maximise benefits: Data centers are routinely and unknowingly mis...
Watts and volt-amps: powerful confusion: An educational White Paper that helps explain the differences between..
 Where in CSR are we headed? Top 5 emerging trends
Electric Vehicles Bring Us Closer to Freedom From Oil - A Chevy Volt at an EV charging station in Washington, DC. Ph...
European Union invests in flying cars
10 homemade weed killers green
Ban Ki-moon: WorldPopulationDay is a reminder of our shared responsibility to care for each other & our planet
USDA may have just opened the GMO floodgates:
Solar Sales up 66% | Solar Profits up 85% | Rich Hessler Solar Business Development Customers: Rich Hessler Sol...
A Smart Start at Intersolar North America: For an industry with as much momentum as solar, it’s still a healthy...

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