Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 39

Passive homes are the way to go for both heat and cool control; how to get this adopted for multi-family...
 Egg Producers and the Humane Society—Mortal Enemies—Come Together:
E.P.A. Sets New Standards for Coal-Burning Plants green
How Many Congressmen Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?: H.R. 91 The Better Use of Lightbulbs Act gets voted...
Wind leads global green energy investments to record $211bn
Design Can Reduce Urban Living Downers
Dust Storm Marks Beginning of Southwest 's "Permanent Drought "
Biofuels May be Harvested from the Sea: The use of kelp (Laminaria digitata) could provide an important alternative...
Dirty Coal And Algae Fuel: The Start Of A Beautiful Friendship
PROKON chooses The Switch Drive™ direct drive generator and full-power converter package: In a move to gain industry...
Fracking Wastewater Poisonous To Plants & Trees: US Forest Service
Kimberly-Clark offsets headquarters power consumption
IBM Grabs Green Supercomputing Title according to with IBM’s Blue Gene/Q supercomputer
Chris Huhne: 'The Geopolitics of climate change' - Department of Energy and Climate Change:
US Republicans introduce budget rider that would allow destructive mining around the Grand Canyon to continue green
Great article "When oil goes out of fashion" that describes Canada's opportunity in the race for greenjobs:
Ontario would see virtually no relief from high electricity prices if the province cancelled support for Green Energy Act
The conservatism of the power industry:
The BusinessGreen Charter
Hospitality sector must focus more on waste reduction and recycling
The story behind the BusinessGreen Charter
Solar parks launched as developers dash to beat feed-in tariff deadline
Exclusive: Whitehall accused of missing microgeneration opportunities
Conergy launches SunTop IV pitched-roof solar power mounting system: • Code-compliant software for simple, fast...
Greenpeace applauds Canada’s grocers for improved seafood practices
ExxonMobil, historic flooding join forces to spread oil through Yellowstone River: Documents show Exxon downplayed time it took to seal Yellowstone spill:
Latest developments in telehealth technology at ATA conference, phones as monitoring devices, remote conferencing to MDs 
Rebuilding Sustainably After Severe #Weather #Disasters -
Latest issue of  magazine with stories on iron ore, natural gas, grain markets and more
Passive Energy Technology Grows in Popularity -
That One Tonne Low-Carbon Life? It May Be Few Tonnes Overweight green
The Y Fights Child Hunger with Help from the Walmart Foundation: PRNewswire-USNewswire/ - When th...
The Ultimate Green Twitter HashtagList >
ER actress turns eco-hero.                                  
Agroponics to recapture P from fish pee & poop:
E.P.A. Sets New Standards for Coal-Burning Plants green
China facing the same municipal debt problems as the US, and it's impacting their infrastructure....
Siemens's Green City Index:

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