Friday, July 8, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 40

EPA Announces Pollution "Crackdown." green
A Closer Look at the Green City Index
A Glimpse Inside a Green Living Anarchist Collective
Senators unveil latest plan to curb $6bn ethanol tax breaks
Yellowstone river oil spill throws spotlight on ExxonMobil and regulators
The future of sustainability reporting will be plural, bespoke and continuous
Largest solar PV factory in Italy opens; targets Mediterranean
"The Transformative Spirit of Service" by Willis Harmann from a NoeticOrg  conference in 1995. Great leadership read!
Just 6 degrees of warming will produce a global catastrophe like we’ve never seen:
CPV Industry to Lay Down Marker towards Commercialization in November: PV Insider is pleased to announce the la...
Big Builders to Lead Turkish Environmental Ministries - The Turkish Parliament. Photo: TBMM. Are the foxes watching...
What are you made of? Composites central to fuel reduction | SmartPlanet
Thinking through the #sustainable #cities index with @SIEMENS , index authors -
DuPont's Thin Film Solar Bet for China and Beyond: Amorphous silicon solar technology once seemed promising enough...
Strengthen your city through diversity
Politics gets dirty as $3.2bn clean energy scheme announced by Greens
Renewable investments in 2010 higher in developing economies – UNEP
2012 Hybrid Cars Lineup:
 "The game has changed. Having some #sustainabilitygraduates on your side will just be the ticket"
Climate Change: Still Worse Than You Think green
Pushing the C-Suite Toward Social Responsibility
Rebuild Trust in Green Taxes. Cut Fairs in Public Transportation.
How many lives did the EPA just save?
First Takes: China Leads Renewables Spending Race, Lufthansa's Biofuels Bet, and More
The up & down sides to the business of building the smart grid
Now Available from Propel: B20 in Sacramento!
USDA official news: USDA is doing something COOL for the Environment and our Forests  green
Check out these great vids promoting clean air. Along with biking, clean cars can help too. - -
Foraging in the Land of Enchantment
WTO Says Chinese Restrictions on Raw Materials Break Rules: China claims to practice sustainability
For consumers who are interested in what goes into the growing and distribution of their food, Dole’s new...
Why context matters for product design
Genius Breakthrough In Clean Water: Plain Old Plastic Bottles
Light Bulb Ban would save consumers $12.5 Billion by 2020, eliminate 33 power plants.. but Republicans oppose it green

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