Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 38

9.5 million acres of wild, roadless areas in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest are protected from logging!
China?s power stations generate ?future spike? in global warming green
McDonald's is using grease from its food to power its delivery trucks
Sustainabilty means being Good Eggs and not dripping non eco friendly goo-gahs into the planet @CSRware #sustainability
A closer look at Siemens’ green cities rankings:
SHOCKING - Vietnam Era Weapon, Agent Orange, Being Used to Clear the Amazon
Why Broadband is a Lynchpin of a Sustainable Global Economy
Building a 21st century communications economy
Voluntary guidelines to allow for labelling of world’s genetically modified foods (GMO)
E.P.A. Chief Stands Firm as Tough Rules Loom
Groundbreaking solar plant in Spain generates 24 hours of power:
Texas regulators drop plans for a non-wind renewables mandate
How E-Waste Fits Into the Agenda in D.C., Texas and California
First Utility and Opower partner to nudge households towards energy saving
Couple seek £2.5m damages over noisy wind turbines
Navy probe descends on bacteria power
Creating a 'Business-Friendly' Approach to Conservation
Fedex Doubles EVS!
A World Centered on Sea Ice Is Changing Swiftly at the Poles green
DHL launched Envirosolutions in the UK to help companies handle recycling, energy efficiency and e-waste issues.
In 2007, CBRE pledged carbon neutrality. Today, we achieved it—a CRE industry first.  carbonneutral  CRE  CBRE
Clean technology doesn't come cheap, and no one knows who's going to pay.
Hybrid technology enters the mainstream of auto production -
Environment By Seashepard -
By Slashing Farming Subsidies Europe Plans 45% Boost To Science Investments
Would a "club card" where you earned discounts on utilities, etc help you stay green? Read about this fascinating...
GOP votes to cut a a program that keeps pathogens like e. coli out of your food:
If plastic is in fish, so is styrofoam!
EnerNOC buys up Energy Response to tackle Australia
LEED moves from buildings to building materials with a new certified lumber standard...
It's good to be Brazil! The host country gets billions for transportation upgrades...
The War On Bikes In Toronto Just Got A Poster Child
@drgrist and his beard chat with @energynownews about the conservatism of the power industry
Huge Dust Storm Sweeps Through Phoenix [VIDEO] green

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