Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 38

Offshore Wind Power Valued at $273 Billion By 2050 http://t.co/LxIqFHQ Wind turbines  http://t.co/ZQaa7tM
First Take: McDonald's Trucks in UAE Run on Recycled French Fry Oil, and More  http://grn.bz/iDwiAz
The argument against mandatory carbon reporting has hit the canvas http://bit.ly/mxFq0n
 Vestas launches next generation offshore turbinehttp://t.co/WuC4qST
Crown reaps windfarm profits but creates no jobs...http://t.co/sLQd6ZD
Changes to UK Solar subsidies http://t.co/OpOtAt7
Solar Power http://bit.ly/kUKysi Interesting Solar Fact: http://bit.ly/m24i1p
Is SolarReserve Worth Its Salt? http://goo.gl/fb/NW6EZ 
Pondering Artifacts of Displacement in the Sustainable City http://goo.gl/fb/vK56R
Llangattock in Powys crowned UK's greenest community! http://bbc.in/jdpqAz
Glass produced from #recycled glass instead of raw materials reduces related airpollution by 20%, and waterpollution by 50%
Sustainability leadership requires a combination of masculine and feminine values http://t.co/T1dyrLo
China oil spill to have 'long-term impact' http://t.co/OJcClxr
Linking Water, Energy and Environmental Sustainability: Siemens R&D Projects Hit Key Milestones  http://t.co/21FzNSp
Nokia 2010 Sustainability Report http://t.co/yFOAtzO
Poland accused of handing GHG permits to ineligible coal plants http://bit.ly/jBDltB
CloudApps delivers open letter to Adrian Montague - Head of UK Green Bank. http://fb.me/CSjTDtH7
MSLS founder dr Karl-Henrik Robèrt listed as one of the Top 100 thought leaders in Europe and the Middle East http://bit.ly/lzY56F
STUDY: City Living = As Much CO2 As Rural Life http://goo.gl/fb/ExIYC
CRWatch, a round up of recent business sustainability news - July 2011: http://t.co/n6NPj2G
Who Grows in a Shoe? http://goo.gl/fb/fzwSn
Why the days of the internal combustion engine are NOT over http://dlvr.it/Z2mnQ
Supply Chain, Not Sustainability, Should Manage Your Carbon Footprinting http://t.co/ksVToJz
GREENoneTEC Introduces Three New Solar Thermal Collector Models: GREENoneTEC, a provider of solar thermal collector... http://bit.ly/juc3Ch
U.S.-Based Renewable Energy Production Surpasses Nuclear Energy Production: According to the most recent issue... http://bit.ly/iTVRbE
Connecting the circuit: A national #energy strategy will require a brave business community & public support http://bit.ly/ljWsU0
Coca-Cola and the WWF have teamed up to create a billboard that actually absorbs pollution.  http://bit.ly/iZcQNh
Bahamas wins plaudits for major move to protect sharks: http://bit.ly/lNM1dg
Talk to me about nuclear power | George Monbiot http://bit.ly/iumztx
6 more big businesses turn toward federal 'Clean Fleets' program http://smrt.io/prenaa
Carbon Nation movie trailer green http://bit.ly/nXS8Wo

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