Monday, July 4, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 37

EU targets public sector with €265m energy efficiency fund
"Our Energy Plan is our Declaration of Independence" Denmark to go Fossil Fuels Free by 2050 
Schneider touts self-funding efficiency scheme to cut NHS carbon
'Cling-film' solar cells could lead to advance in renewable energy
Who’s your expert? How peer-reviewed research differs from rhetoric by climate science deniers  green
Young Germans realize they don't need 'cars', but just mobility. Car makers see car-sharing as way to revive sales
Why Conservation is Conservative green
RONA First National Retailer to Recover Unused Paint in Western Canada: (Marketwire) - RONA inc. ...
Baxter 2010 Sustainability Report Details Progress Toward Priorities and Goals: Baxter International...
NY state to lift fracking moratorium green
Can a summer music festival be green? Well, no. But it can be more eco friendly, and here are tips on how!
Finding a role for everyone in the sustainability revolution
Alternative Energy Handbook
New: A Review of Earth4Energy Is It Time to Build Your Own Personal Solar Panels
Judge rejects Sarah Palin on global warming, keeps polar bears on threatened list  green
This is pretty awesome -- visualization of humanity’s transport footprint on planet Earth
Quantum dots could coat the world in nano-sized solar panels
How America just lost 1 million green(ish) jobs to Europe
Bombardier Solar Air Heater to Cut 16 Tons of CO2 a Year: Bombardier has installed a wall-mounted s...
Does your small business need to find more sustainable practices? Investigate CurrentState. 
From the creators of the Valdez Catastrophe: Exxon's Yellowstone oil spill prompts     evacuations green
New blog post: The Problem of Water Purification in Italy
PG&E green program helps preserve forests, but so did taxpayers:
Warming ocean layers will undermine polar ice sheets
FearLess Revolution backs Meatless Mondays green
Xantrex C40 Solar Wind Turbine Charge Load Controller
The ultimate guide to aviation's inclusion in the EU emissions trading scheme
U.S. Airlines Challenge European Emissions Rule
DuPont and Corporate Social Responsibility: Rhetoric vs. Reality green
Tropicana harnesses power of the orange
BP's Statistical Review of World Energy 2011 was published recently. Latest data now available:
How One Org is Emptying the Landfills of America green
Blue chips help GRI launch next-gen reporting standards
Ruptured Montana Pipeline Was Shut down before environment
Misuse of Food and Climate Data at Forbes green
Australia - Shock of the new
Jeremy Rifkin's classic speech on the Empathic Civilization at RSA (great animation)
Green Column: Electric Cars Remain Tough Sell in China environment
Major Supermarket Chain to Go "Zero Waste" in 40 Stores - Image Credit: CMG0220, used under Creative Commons license...
Climate Scientists are increasingly sure, but the public is increasingly skeptical 
Exxon tries to downplay Yellowstone oil spill green
CNOOC's Oil Leak Disclosure is Patchy, Situation May be Worse than Expected 
69% of BC residents support the carbon tax, support applying the carbon tax to all sources of greenhouse gas pollution
In India, Rural Residents Abandon Grid and Embrace Solar - Image credit: Ajay Tallam, used under Creative Commons.
Larisa Brass: Southern states all over the map on solar power
Global warming pause linked to sulfur in China
Inkjet printing could change the face of solar energy industry green
New Post: Black Solar Energy Powered Spider Robot Toy Gift

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