Friday, June 24, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 33

Khosla-backed biofuels firm closes $150m IPO
The 5 Ways Your Company Can Lead the Sustainability Revolution
EU Sets Tough Targets for Utilities to Cut Energy Consumption
3 Tips for Avoiding the Perils of Dirty, Messy Data
5 Reasons Why the Safe Cosmetics Act Makes Sense for Small Business
GE, Best Buy Partner to Market Smart Grid Home Energy Controls
Stoel Rives Earns Praise and National Recognition from Chambers USA: Stoel Rives LLP, a U.S. business law firm,...
Alamo City sees Future in 'New Energy Economy': In the country's seventh largest city, political leaders are be...
At Cleantech Syndicate, leave the guns, take the renewables
Land for Biofuels or Crops? The Debate Rumbles
Bolivia has a fascinating potential new law that solves food shortage, GMO & environmental issues. Rocking.
Do Energy Subsidies Make Green Sense?
What matters in life? 3 things Ric Elias learned from his plane crash: simple, worth watching
The U.S. is building an interstate highway system for bikes
A Dutch Airline launch commercial flights that use biofuel:
How Suburban Sprawl Is A Ponzi Scheme
Be eco friendly even when you get take out food with these reusable utensils that fit neatly in a carry bag.
Queen of the Sun. Maybe the best way to appreciate the bees and their key role in the food system. Trailer >
Want to be more mindful of your city? Here are some great ways to make that happen:
Amazing how changing ours #maps also changes our minds : 
#Artists need space and low #rent ; #Detroit needs people, creativity and #cash = challenge accepted!
Heartening news on the growth of #bike #sharing in the US > 
Even Republicans and climate skeptics support fuel efficiency and clean energy
Kior Lowers IPO Price, But Stock Still Flat: Biofuels appear to be losing their appeal with investors. Kior,...
How badly is coal pollution screwing you?
Power grid change may disrupt clocks

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