Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 32

What works to get people on their bikes? 5 cool ideas...
Can we affect our communities by changing the way we map it?...
What is the "Walkability" paradox, and how can we avoid it? This post explains...
Stimulus Dollars at Work for the Residential Building Industry
Will the EPA help farmers fight pesticide poisoning?
DOE backs largest rooftop solar project in U.S.
"Sustainability concerns are important to students in selecting their university" Improve your Univ's green agenda
Cartoon dinosaur used to sell shale gas to kids
David Cameron poised to step into MEP climate target row
Climate Corps 2011: Three Handy Tools from One Week at PNC
Are you in Ireland? > Convergence Festival (until June 27th) - Sustainability Community Resilience
Many power plants already have equipment to slash mercury
80% of young Germans say they 'don't need a car' in town > Time for a car-sharing model
Radical Confidence: Pushing Greener Buildings with VERGE
Who Wins an Energy Deathmatch Between Renewables & Efficiency?
5 Tips for Protecting the Last Frontier of Building Systems
Partnership Aims to Make Emissions Tracking Easy as (Scopes) 1, 2, 3
Transphorm which makes chips for efficient power conversion raises $25M from Kleiner, Soros, Google.. background
Creating a successful Sustainability Plan - What is it? How do I get one?: In recent years we ha...
GE and VC friends dole out $63M in "consumer clean tech' home energy plays, $100K for 5 less developed startups GE, Kleiner Perkins And Others To Put $63 Million In 10 Home Energy Tech Companies Most interesting thing of GE eco-challenge is commitment to bring start-up products to market. ie Best Buy deal
Fukushima sends ripples around the world
IBM Reduces $50 Million in Electricity Expenses, Boosts Conservation Efforts: /PRNewswire/ - 
Life at the Speed of Rail 
Urban Design Competition: My Sustrans Dream Street
Join us in civil disobedience to stop the Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline
TV Maker Vizio To Get into LED Lighting: New York--Five years ago, Vizio was one of a number of unknown companies...
Feds Grant $1.4 Billion Guarantee For World's Largest Rooftop Solar Project, forbesgreen
Geothermal Feed-in Tariffs Worldwide: Countries worldwide are increasingly turning to feed-in tariffs as a mechanism...
In panel discussions next week POET to discuss cellulosic ethanol, NASCAR at Fuel Ethanol Workshop:
GE’s smart grid challenge unveils home energy winners
SMEs to benefit from waste responsibility deal
Eight new nuclear sites approved in final National Policy Statements
GOP’s tiny spending cuts wound small farmers
Coca-Cola Implementing Green Power Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology:
Siemens CFO says willing/able to finance $2B+ Cape Wind project whose DOE loan guarantee is on hold
Fleet Briefing: Ford, CNG Taxis, Coke, Renault-Nissan: Rather than fight for a share of a possibly. 
Make this a more Vegan friendly place for you, the planet, and animals. Check out our food truck project
Do sustainability professionals environmentalists need shrinks? How to combat despair.
AAA to have an electric-vehicle charger truck
Industrial buildings across U.S. to go solar
United States invests $27 million on streamlining projects for solar:
New Post: Solar Furnace
Deregulation Doesn’t Mean Healthy Competition: Deregulation in the electricity markets is often talked about i...
Is Climate Change a Disaster for the Insurance Industry?: People judge risk poorly. We worry too much...
The HAVE IT YOUR WAY(R) Foundation Adds Four Major Awards to the $1.4 Million Given in Scholarship.
How Sustainability is Changing Design
An 11-year-old Cambreshire girl just piloted an incredible concept car that gets 1,325 miles per gallon!
Green business saves $1.60 for every $1 spent, IBM finds | Energy
LEED Credits for Demand Response |
Green buildings earn extra credit for demand response | Energy
Who Wins an Energy Deathmatch Between Renewables & Efficiency?
Gillian Anderson is back to fight bad guys – but not aliens. She’s an official ambassador for Survival International.
Track the U.S. Utility PV Market! A new service from gtmresearch
New solar cells can be printed right onto buildings
An all-electric Land Rover is making a big difference in South African safari parks for both animals and tourists.
Did you miss GreenChamber event last week in Silicon Valley? No worries! Watch the video!!
Electric car maker Think files for bankruptcy

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