Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 15

AES 709 MW Solar Thermal Project Now Officially a PV Farm: Tessera Solar is/was the dedicated development arm ...
Three Answers Blowing in the Wind: Top wind industry CEOs agreed, in a key Windpower 2011 panel discussion tha...
Japan aims for 20 per cent renewable power
Green Marketing is Dead (controversial?) article on @GreenBiz 
New bill passed in Brazil could loosen restrictions on the use of the Amazon forest
Aligning ESG Benefits with Executives’ Top 10 Priorities
UK’s Cable unveils plan for offshore renewables innovation centre
Innovators Take the Stage at National Business-Environmental Conference in Las Vegas, July 18-20:...
An Inside Look at How CEOs View Sustainability (on @GreenBiz )
Book about Wal-Mart and sustainable/green efforts just released.
Our online debate on happiness comes to an end. More than 80% of you think GDP is not a good measure of well-being
Raytheon Releases New Corporate Responsibility Report - Raytheon Company.
What is the Backstory on Google’s Renewables Play?: Google announced yet another big wind buy, this one in California...

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