Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 47

$100,000 For 19 Year-Old Solar Savant: Eden Full is the 19 year-old Canadian founder of the nerdicallly named ...http://bit.ly/mQCeFq
Businesses need to find a way to make sustainability a strategic imperative, not a feel-good extra. http://t.co/UnO6hsm
A Meat-Eater's Guide for Easing Climate Change Impacts http://grn.bz/qOpqqC
The Most Efficient Energy Star! http://ow.ly/5HklR
Danger in target for renewable energy http://bit.ly/orFPnE
Renewables: big potential, lots of question marks http://bit.ly/n5DmIl
Thanks to the recession, recycling is booming http://ow.ly/5Idpo
Roger Federer is among the latest celebrities to lend a hand to the tiny African nation of Malawi. http://dld.bz/ahnnf
The Fairytale of Organic Water - Why Organic Water marketing strategy is misleading.  green  http://bit.ly/reoEow
Competition: Explain climate change through visuals http://bit.ly/oC1Z4I
How California uses souped-up Google Maps to manage its power http://dlvr.it/blZwK
"Hidden carbon emissions from trade offsets impacts of reforestation" Don't ship away your emissions http://bit.ly/q1W0AU
Environmental/public health groups sue EPA over LA smog http://t.co/dqZqKwF
 Is Nexflix Streaming Greener? The Answer May Surprise You http://ow.ly/1dSiMX
Sustainability as a Core Business Value: PlayNetwork Goes Green http://t.co/s1Jx449
Water rationing a 'definite possibility' in Amarillo http://t.co/FSKhyKf
A CLEAR Approach to Connect Sustainability to Business Strategyhttp://grn.bz/nPJv2m
How to Convince Companies that Wasting Their Waste is Wasteful http://grn.bz/qCtcDt
Trader Joe’s has to understand that its customers want to know about its sustainability efforts. Don't you think? http://fb.me/WYfoLG9t
EU carbon registries to shut for two weeks over Christmas http://bit.ly/qejE4r
Environmental and Energy Data Book Released · Environmental Management & Energy News :http://t.co/urV9Xs8
Group buying initiatives make it easier (and cheaper) to buy solar http://smrt.io/ok2mPE
REC blames "very weak" solar market for second-quarter losses http://bit.ly/pD1xpt
'Most Efficient' label sets high bar for Energy Star products http://bit.ly/o4w23b
A Former Coal Mining Community Fights for Environmental Justice http://ow.ly/1dSnDn
"Companies ISO 14001-certified may emit just as much air pollution as non-certified" <why you need systems approach http://bit.ly/pA8NSX
The Solar Industry’s Biggest Problem: Although the solar industry continues to grow, it still occupies only a ...http://bit.ly/n8E19i
The Leading Global Course for Sustainability: SAN FRANCISCO: SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2011 In response ...http://bit.ly/oZ8iDy
A better way to cool LEDs gets attention from GE http://dlvr.it/bmNDZ
Report: Air sample in Tokyo 270 times more contaminated with Cesium-137 than global weapons fallout peak. green http://bit.ly/ofBtLm
BiPod flying car works like a Chevy Volt http://smrt.io/nXVJDg
Dow and Mitsui to Create Platform for Biopolymers to Serve Packaging, Hygiene & Medical Markets: ... http://bit.ly/nEIwSk
Companies Plan 6 MW PV Deployment In Hawaii: Alexander & Baldwin Inc. (A&B) and Kaua'i Island Utility Cooperative...http://bit.ly/n456Lo
New Report Explores Concentrated PV Projects' Energy Payback Time: A new report finds that concentrated photovoltaic... http://bit.ly/n6MPl8
Is it meaningless to talk about ‘sustainable’ food? http://ow.ly/5I953
Early sea ice melt onset, snow cover retreat presage rapid 2011 summer decline green  http://bit.ly/qWEZxw
WHO - Ban Ki-moon says development goals "ultimately about building self-sufficiency & helping people help themselves" http://t.co/DTKGZpT
The Most Efficient Energy Star! http://ow.ly/5HklR
Top Twelve Tips on how to Green your Windows: http://t.co/IKnrDgq
National Debt and the City http://goo.gl/fb/jaN0k
Radiation-Tainted Beef Spreads Through Japan x2019;s Markets environment  http://t.co/Sbhy13D
Optimising data protection for virtual environments: Virtualised environments offer great advantages for shrinking...http://bit.ly/ozjh4N
A fun commute read: Dr Sustainability is Back to Answer Reader Qs on female CSOs, burying disasters, and more http://su.pr/1vm8ft

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