Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 43

Global Warming: Scientists vs. Climate Skeptics (Infographic)
Climate Change and Sustainability:
The current drought in the South rivals a record-setting one in the 1950s. Except, now we have double the population:
Cities versus Suburbs - It's the Economy , Stupid …
GOP claim to be fighting for 'freedom' in fight against light bulbs:
Green groups fear electricity reforms will spark "dash for gas"
Canada earns equivalency with E.U. organic standards (EcoSeed):
Top 10 Tips for Greening your Air Conditioner :
Sustainable Companies Redefining the Term ‘Business Flexibility’ -
Sustainability Reporting Methods ‘Outdated’ · Environmental Management & Energy News :
High street clothing brands told to 'detox' supply chain
Greener-than-green factory uses wind-power to make solar cells
BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2011
Electricity Market Reforms: All the latest news and analysis Electricity market reform white paper published
UK dodges air-quality fine with EU PM10 time extension
The Brookings Institution is releasing a report this morning, "Sizing the Clea...
Go 60mph – Show Why You Want Freedom From Oil
CO2 to Hold Steady This Year, But Rise Coming in 2012 · Environmental Management & Energy News:
House GOP fails to turn off light bulb standards green
Empire State Building's Sustainability Retrofit Program Achieves 2010... via PRNewswire
Video: Researchers print out paper solar panels
Bank of America surpasses halfway mark in $20B pledge to finance sustainability projects | SmartPlan
Highlights from World Biofuels Markets 2011: Take a look at highlights from this year's World Biofuels Markets....
World’s Greatest Ongoing Humanitarian Disaster Reaches a Crisis Point - Has the World Grown Immune to Mass Starvation in the Horn of Africa? green
By 2015, improving sustainability a Top 5 priority for 60% of W. European CEOs.  GartnerSupplyChain Summit, London.
Copenhagen’s Hedonistic Sustainability
Rating the sustainability raters
MillerCoors Issues Sustainability Blueprint to Ensure Secure Future: MillerCoors today released i...
Today EC outlines reforms to its common fisheries policy to limit catches to sustainable levels by 2015 #Fishfight
Moving? Box Rental Company Good Boxes Delivers and Eliminates the Cardboard Waste
The trouble with green product ratings #green
Fourteen states in the southern U.S. are suffering through the nation's worst drought in 60 years:
Solar Frontier’s Progress with Large Scale CIS Solar: San Francisco, California
Ideal Power Converters: A Disruption in the Inverter Market?: It's still very early for inverter innovator Ide...
Going Dutch: How the Netherlands created a sustainable fishing industry
Germany's creative class turns sustainability's limits into innovation engine:
Engineering Oceans To Suck Up Carbon Has Eco Consequences
World Cup scores green winner
Green jobs pay better as clean-tech sector booms green
City unveils first solar power 'Groupon' model solar green
Suntech Introduces Pair Of New Solar Modules Rated At 245 W, 290 W: Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. has released...
SMA Bringing Integrated Utility-Scale Solar PV Solutions To The Market: SMA says it has expanded its lineup of u...
The great carbon tax secret: who are the Misfortune 500? green
Zero-energy lighting for poor communities requires only water and bleach
In 2010, China spent $54.4B on clean energy; US spent $34.0B. Figure on pg. 13 of this PDF -
Schneider, Cisco Launch Joint Building-IT Energy Platform; Canon Saves 2.7m kWh · Environmental Leader:
Check out the folks grist has dared to go greener.
North Carolina Board of Science and Technology’s Green Business Fund through a unique partnership with the...
Coal industry lawyers claim Appalachian birth defects are caused by inbreeding, not mountaintop removal green
Recycling, Digital Media Use Slash Paper Waste
Bold Financial Incentives Are Needed To Support City Economies
Why Is food reform so hard?
US wind farm H&S: The launch of OSHA's 'National Emphasis Program': The 'falls from height' risk exists in almo...
Wind turbine manufacturing industry building on a 'global localised' market: While some leading OEM's are openi...
Cargill Sets Sights on Worldwide Sustainable Palm Oil by 2020
Tips to help you Green your Air Conditioner :
DOE bets on lightweight steel for fuel efficient cars
Estimates of climate's impact on extinctions err on conservative side: 

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