Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 42

Infinite Clean Energy Just Decades Away? Plans Laid for the First Fusion Reactor http://ow.ly/1dLAGg
Surprise! #Fracking fluid kills trees: http://ow.ly/5CJWn
Global Renewables Investments Surged 32 Percent in 2010 green http://bit.ly/nOmEp4
New LBNL wind industry report http://t.co/KIthoHK
Storage: batteries , flywheels, CAES etc - is KEY to scaling renewables - why aren't we obsessed with finding solutions? http://su.pr/8KS6tq
"Where" matters to the success of sustinability efforts >http://su.pr/5EWKZk
"When Oil goes Out of Fashion" article on Canada's opportunities for http://bit.ly/r2cnVs
Telecommuting numbers decline: blame the economy? http://smrt.io/oPUSBL
Many Corporate Sustainability Ratings ‘Not Financially Viable’ · Environmental Management & Energy News : http://t.co/XhgWToq
Bureau Veritas Acknowledged as a Leading Provider of Sustainability http://pop.to/5am7
Harvard Business School Executive Education: Emphasizing the alignment of corporate social responsibility... http://bit.ly/oi6V9A
Printable Solar Cells Could Lead To A More Robust Energy Supply http://t.co/8PtiAoz
Global power shortages 'likely' without $16.6 trillion investment: IEA http://bit.ly/oyzJQR
Could the Non-Aggression Principle Stop the Sixth Great Extinction? green  http://bit.ly/q9HW2z
GM Brings Landfill-Free Strategies to Distribution, Offices http://grn.bz/nk9iDy
Couldn't agree more google. green http://bit.ly/n37Wdq
Strategic cleantech investors are the new VCs, welcome Chesapeake, http://bit.ly/oiBmZV
More than half of tuna species at risk of extinction, say conservationists  green  http://bit.ly/nFpQGe
It’ll get better: If you're a cleantech entrepreneur whose company will need more capital over the next 12 months...http://bit.ly/qncblO
Chesapeake launches clean energy, natural gas fund http://dlvr.it/ZpXpc
GOP's Accomplishments This Year: Styrofoam Cups, Little Else http://ow.ly/1dKxtZ
Partnering for Sustainability | Environmental Leader | http://ow.ly/5BGYY
UK's foreign assets at risk from climate change http://bit.ly/q8XnHm
Critical List: Keystone XL could spill millions of gallons of oil; snails that like being eaten http://ow.ly/5CkFH
In Cambodia, mass tourism and other woes threaten some of world's greatest ancient monuments: http://apne.ws/qOjxYV
If you lived here, http://t.co/Eq1zYQ3, you could trade your car for a free lifetime bus pass.
Orange Confirms Its Leadership in the Sustainable Telecoms Market : http://t.co/y4Bbrzv
Behold! The world's skinniest house http://smrt.io/nDu1NC
Switch from corn to grass would raise ethanol output, cut emissions http://tw.physorg.com/229685676
AT&T Installs Fuel Cells to Power Facilities in California http://bit.ly/oaV8oK
SolarNexus Now Provides One-Click Ordering from Leading Hardware Suppliers: SolarNexus, the industry leader in ... http://bit.ly/pwAzkV
Southwest Windpower to Exhibit at Cheyenne Frontier Days: Southwest Windpower, the world's leading manufacturer... http://bit.ly/r7RHuR
UN Moves Forward with Ambitious Plan to Clean Up Lake Victoria http://ow.ly/1dLozk
How eco is your bedroom? 10 tips for a green, peaceful bedroom from Green Goes Simple. http://bit.ly/o5sSBw?
News of the World scandal – the green angle http://bit.ly/nuBIMW
Tyco International Joins Action Against Hunger in Launching the Clean Water Access Initiative: http://bit.ly/pW2TQn
BP accused of trying to disengage from oil spill. Did you expect anything more? green http://reut.rs/pJ85Bv
The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is teaming up with Totally Green to reduce food landfill waste. http://dld.bz/agyMA
Al Gore is launching a new "Climate Reality Project" green http://bit.ly/oNX1KC
WSJ.com - Sustainability Jobs Get Green Light at Large Firms http://t.co/Nqxkj1i
Offshore wind the big winner in government's renewables roadmap http://bit.ly/p0qhbG 25% of new electricity in US in 2010 came from wind. read more in the annual Wind Tech Market Report from @ENERGY http://t.co/nc8o588
“ICTs, Sustainability and the Green Economy” IISD Publications Centre http://t.co/Dt2erG8
Is your kid having an eco-friendly summer? 5 eco summer chores your kids can do to make life & the planet better. http://dld.bz/agyQr
Ever wonder why it’s so hard to reform the food system? This chart will tell you:  http://ow.ly/5CMdr
There’s a severe oversupply of electric car batteries comin’http://dlvr.it/ZxJDQ
Business Improvements with Smart Meter Data Analytics: Complimentary Webinar  http://conta.cc/qli45H 

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