Friday, July 15, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 45

Is 2011 the Tipping Point for Renewable Energy?
Ethical fashion takes a new direction with 'catalytic clothes' that purify polluted air -
France Launches €10 Billion Offshore Wind Project (1,200 Turbines & 10,000 Jobs!)
Hawaii Goes Big in Solar With SolarCity, SET, More: Hawaii has the nation's highest electricity prices.
A carbon bubble? Let's hope so. My guardianblog on the CarbonBubble report
The rise of building apps for a better world — Cleantech News ... -
Five Ways To Raise Children Who Live Green, Eco-Minded Lifestyles ~ 
5 smart grid startups to watch via the Cleantech Open
Intel, Whole Foods lead in green-power purchasing
Top Talents attracted to socially responsible companies
Stronger quarter for clean energy investment as solar thermal ...
Most of the U.S. could be energy self-sufficient
Honda Hits Zero Waste at Ten Plants, On Heels of GM News
Big Oil Lobbies to Keep ItsTax Breaks Off the Table in Debt Talks
New York Becoming a Model for How to Effectively Create Green Jobs | Environment | AlterNet
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Play Key Roles in Energy Solutions
Johnson & Johnson Sets Goals for Carbon, Water, Waste, Renewables
Hawaii Goes Big in Solar With SolarCity, SET, More: Hawaii has the nation's highest electricity prices.
In the Field: Saba Saba International Trade Fair
Farm Sanctuary has won support from the United Egg Producers for legislation to improve the state hens.
Calculating the Cost of Change- ROI for Sustainability #CSR
The 2011 green office guide is out - its free! 
Public infrastructure can and should be fun! 
What denial? Climate Skeptics Need Only Walk Outside To Feel Climate Change's Opening Act -
Battles are being won, but the fight for offshore wind must continue
2011 climate disasters cost a record $265 billion
New Toshiba LCD TV & Blu-Ray Player to utilize 'Eco Chip' which drastically reduces power consumption in stand-by.
Cook Islands aim for all-green power by 2020
Rare white bird lifts hopes for N.Z. kiwis green
Solar: Now for renters, too
Public Transit Chutes and Ladders
Carbon tax to encourage $100B in new energy investments
Bush Ozone Standards Are 'Not Legally Defensible' -- EPA Chief
Cities Are Becoming More Sustainable , Gradually - how can we speed it up?
 ABB Acquisition of Epyon to Accelerate EV Adoption?
Why Is Biomanufacturing So Hard?
Livable Cities Don't Have Freeways
Excellent Idea! Coca-Cola has created a “green” billboard! Funny, Innovative and Green, that's marketing!
BP wants to stop paying Gulf oil spill victims green BP Oil Still Washing Ashore One Year After End of Gulf Spill green
New Herbicide Suspected in Tree Death
Ellen MacArthur "The way things are made, the way business is run, needs to fundamentally change."
Study finds excess air pollutions at five Fort Worth sites
Carbon Bubble Growing, but Markets Aren't Listening
The State of the Paper Industry 2011
6 Ways Companies Can Address Their Water Scarcity Risks
Building a Business Case for Conserving Water
In conversation: Sustainability and the city
US government to review controversial Solar Energy Zones
Does Chicago Want A Return To The Gaslight Era? - "Electrified gaslight chandelier, ormolu, bronze, and glass, c. 18...
Africa - Renewable Energy Rising Rapidly
IEEE solar experts position solar PV as an alternative to fossil fuels
Chinese Urban Cities Are Growing - Learn Which Ones!
Congress Cuts EPA Smartgrowth Funds > - A dumb move at best!
Do Fuel Breakthroughs Discourage Switch 2 Public Transportation 
World's forests acting as "carbon sinks" - study Forests 
Cleaning out the Westminster stables
The Myth of Clean Coal #green
Graphite + water = the future of energy storage
Great Article!! Why Business Collaboration Is Necessary in a Socially Sustainable World
CSR media maturing: 3BL Media Steps It Up A Gear #sustainability
Inverter-Zilla, Custom Lithium Batteries for Solar, and More Intersolar Bits: American Electric Technologies ...
Sustainability: Logistics Organizations Helping Members Define Green | MH&L: 
Cool stuff! Green Leases 101 
"There's nothing like stadium grown energy" - Green quotes of the week
BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2011: Elektromotive charges up for success
An Assault on the Clean Water Act - Sewage-choked Fountain Creek empties into the clear waters of the Arkansas River...
In China, inland cities target high-tech manufacturing
Intersolar - What were you most impressed with this year?
Bitter/fun: The Life of a Majestic Plastic Bag: Mockumentary video narrated by Jeremy Irons -for a good cause 
Disappear to Utah canyon country, where 70-year-old twins Bill and Bob Stone live off the grid
While it isn't gusting, wind technology development is picking up | ZDNet
Yellow Pages Goes Green Spearheads Grassroots Call to Action
New video outlines...developing a framework to merge sustainability & financial report... 
Adele has become the latest celebrity to become a vegetarian, but will she succeed given her passionate hatred of tofu?
House Committee votes to delay EPA rules governing smog and soot pollution that blows across state lines - My Fox LA -
BP to Adopt Voluntary Safety Standards in the Gulf of Mexico green
San Francisco's Solar@Work Program To Use Group-Purchase Model: The City of San Francisco launched a new program...
SPP, JCM Obtain Financing For 20 MW Portfolio In Ontario: Solar Power Partners (SPP) and JCM Capital have signed...
Earth Action Daily -
NOAA official emails that about 14% of the continental US is experiencing its driest first 6 months ever on record.
 Story in grist today was amazing...check out what these 70 year old twins are doing to be green.
CSRware is the sponsor of the Upcoming Women in Green Forum - Aug 30th

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