Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 46

Green jobs growing even as economy wilts http://ow.ly/5E93K
Ethanol’s demand for crops larger than amount needed for feed usage: http://t.co/BEqEV5m
China plans carbon-trading pilot scheme green http://bit.ly/nV7l1R
The Business Case for Sustainability Disclosure http://bit.ly/ph5ddf
Farms across the Great Plains are in the path of a monster: the Keystone XL pipeline.  http://ow.ly/5GYd3
Retail: Packaging needs design, planning, sustainability to succeed  http://bit.ly/nmKlbj  
The end is near for New York City's Metrocard http://smrt.io/reaYyp
Ever Thought Government Could Be Better? And Have an IT Idea that Could Help? It could be worth $50,000 green http://bit.ly/pjF56C
Greening a city ... and pushing other colors out: http://ow.ly/5GYiV
 6 Tips for Making Sustainability Ratings More Meaningful | Business | GreenBiz.com http://grn.bz/nNMqoy
And an easy to use interactive map: state of the renewables all over the world  http://bit.ly/qGUW8D
Renewables 2011 Global Status Report (A must read) http://bit.ly/ndeMi5
Don't miss -- Gore launches new Climate Reality Project: http://ow.ly/5Gucr
Happy Birthday, Henry David Thoreau: "What would human life be without forests, those natural cities?" #green http://bit.ly/pF94QB
In Fox's world, Reagan would have been considered a "tree hugger"  green http://bit.ly/o4KhMe
The International Dark-Sky Association | 'We promote one simple idea: light what you need, when you need it.' green http://bit.ly/nQJ5pg
CitizenMedia : AshokaTweets's global innovation competition http://bit.ly/p066Vk 
German Chancellor Angela Merkel Makes greeneconomy a Priority in Discussions in UNEP http://bit.ly/oD4FhR
Australia's proposed carbon tax: an expensive gamble http://ow.ly/5Fydv 
Study: Forests absorb much more greenhouse gas than previously known green  http://bit.ly/nHJpSP
New Post: Electric Car http://dlvr.it/bVjw5
The Bay Citizen: Scientists Fight a Deadly Oak-Tree Disease environment http://t.co/VKniDaJ
7 Senators Write to Clinton Warning Against Proposed Canada-to-Texas Pipeline green  http://bit.ly/rpvJxs
India's Tata group to sell $700 flat-pack house http://tw.physorg.com/230119771
India's Tata launches low-cost water filter for rural poor http://www.physorg.com/news179390123.html
Gemasolar solar thermal power plant supplies power for 24 hours straight http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-07-gemasolar-solar-thermal-power-hours.html
Test results show Plutonium-239, Americium-241 and Cesium-137 levels in air around Los Alamos green http://bit.ly/pkF2Ny
"What's the best Solar Energy Storage solution in terms of Value Engineering?" Linkedin conversation http://bit.ly/nN5V1Q
Amid severe drought, Barnhart, TX, residents alarmed over use of freshwater to get oil  http://t.co/g9VR8Eo
More intensive forestry fights warming #green http://bit.ly/ra5r8O
US EPA Gets Tough on Glyme - Image: Glyme molecule Glyme is a nickname for 1,2-dimethoxyethane, a solvent chemical ...http://ow.ly/1dQIsz
Cost effectiveness in recycling: why recycling is sometimes wasteful green  http://bit.ly/p6G1Fr
Phased-Array Radar Could Improve Tornado Prediction Times green http://bit.ly/q8MgBp
Carbon price agreement: what's in it for ... - Yes to Renewable Energyhttp://bit.ly/pO0cCJ
In Smart Grid, Mesh Moves From Lead Role to Team Player: When Duke Energy looked into communications for smart... http://bit.ly/qOVxcK
BP pipeline leaks oily mixture onto Alaskan tundra green http://reut.rs/pIBWO5
Critical List: Yellowstone pipe could have carried tar sands oil; L.A. survived Carmageddon  http://ow.ly/5H1AX
How Green Was My Nomination: SAG Scrapping Paper Forms http://bit.ly/n6g8wW
Inefficient fridges putting business savings on ice http://bit.ly/p9NJlv
Cutting Need for Energy by Using Less of It - http://nyti.ms/pWxEW1
The headaches of virtualisation implementation: The two main issues with rolling out virtualisation across an or...http://bit.ly/qYMCHb

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