Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 60

The Demand for Cheap Energy is Entitlement Culture Gone Mad
China to flood nature reserve with latest Yangtze dam
Nuclear giants RWE and E.ON drop plans to build new UK reactors
Old records turned into a wine holder -
Nonprofits and Brands Seeking Purpose-driven Collaborations Have CauseWay -- a New Program at sb12con
Cleantech is dead! Long live cleantech!
Students study climate change - Delaware Wave
Activists worry over North Sea platform gas leak - Houston Chronicle
Activists worried over possible oil spill following gas leak at North Sea platform - Newser
Scientists pin down historic sea level rise -
SunPower now producing 24% efficient Maxeon solar cells
Ford’s special Transit vans program to cut 25 percent fuel cost of fleet owners -
UK emissions fall seven per cent as renewable energy soars: business_green Warm 2011 saw decrea... British greenhouse gas emissions down 7 percent in 2011
RWE and E.ON dump "uneconomic" UK nuclear plans: business_green Government urged to abandon nuclear...
Europe Looks to North America’s Forests to Meet Renewable Energy Goals
Variable-rate irrigation systems aren't cheap. The payoff is a reduction in water consumption and in fertiliser use
Insect Invasions, Condor Cam, Nuclear's New Rules
New Eco-Friendly Elements Surface Launches from Texas:
NMFS blows deadline to list endangered Hawaiian whale:
Was the Hype Around Bloom Energy Two Years Ago Justified?
Check out how owners of large buildings are tracking exactly how much energy their properties use and using that...
Japan Unveils Deregulation Plan to Boost Clean Energy Use -
Blimp-like inflatable wind turbine tested at high altitude
Smart Grid - Check out the article "Application Scenarios for Cognitive Transport Service in Next - Generation Networks',
 Managing many environments
A Message From a Republican Meteorologist on Climate Change - Huffington Post
Tracing the Ocean’s Ingredients - World - which are critical to many forms of marine life. Jeand...
Gulf of Maine ocean temperatures above normal - Erie Times-News
New study unravels historic sea level rise mystery - Presstv
Antarctica Ice Cracks Could Speed Up Melting - Huffington Post
How Electricity Gets Bought and Sold in California: Thirty thousand daily energy transactions between 140-plus...
Winners & losers in CSR. Can you sleep at night !
Odersun, Flexible CIGS Solar Vendor Files For Bankruptcy: As Shyam Mehta, Solar Analyst at GTM Research has...
Farming the Wind Teaches Us About the Future of Energy -
'Remarkable' spate of man-made quakes linked to drilling, USGS team says
Five Key Nonprofit Organizations Team Up With Ecomedia To Fulfill "Green" Projects For Advertise...
Studies show how pesticides make bees lose their way
CBM Services applies MilliCare’s dry carpet cleaning system, which uses 99.4% less water and keeps utility costs down...
Beekeepers to EPA: We’re running out of time
Survey Finds Consumers Distrust Green Claims
Scientists Create Artificial Plastic Skin That Bleeds And Heals Itself ~Inhabitat
Four Ways To Engage More Young People In CSR - Forbes
Looking for a job in clean or greentech? Here are some great tips from Carbon Lighthouse!
France vs. US: Which work culture is more sustainable?
Drilling Our Atlantic Coast - Huffington Post
The Department Of Interior’s Contradictory Policies On Arctic Drilling-
The Solyndra sideshow peters out
Constructing Change: Accelerating Energy Efficiency in India's Buildings Market
National Transportation Program: Death By Extension?
SunPower Tops in Mono C-Si Solar Cell Efficiency: SunPower's Maxeon solar cells are currently the highest-efficiency...
Interpol demands crackdown on eco crime Ivory poaching and illegal logging requires needs tougher enforcement -

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