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The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 50

India will launch a green GDP by 2015....
Solar, Wind and Biofuel: A $246B Market in 2011
Wisconsin Assembly Approves Wolf Hunting -
Met Office: Arctic sea-ice loss linked to colder, drier UK winters
Sea Level Rise and the US Coastline…
Study: Hydrofracking sickening animals, people
VULTURES STUDY THE CLIMATE CHANGE CARCASS: UK Arctic policy review due amid surge of interest in far north
Smart Grid - Startups mentioned in our big data smart grid report: Tendril, GridMobility, Enabla, SCIenergy, EcoFactor, Opower & mo
Smart Grid - S. Korea smartmeter energy savings enough by 2016 to avoid building a nuclear plant:
TSC Welcomes Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute!
Climate-Change Lessons From Down Under for the Republicans: The Ticker - Bloomberg
Natural Gas a Weak Weapon Against Climate Change, New Study Asserts - National Geographic
Rising sea: Millions at growing risk of flooding, reports find - Los Angeles Times
Cities of the Future, Songdo, South Korea - Water Conservation. Episode 7!
Sierra Club Turned Down $30 Million Gift From Natural Gas Fracking Company ~Inhabitat
Bloom Energy launches data center focus for its fuel cells
FUEL FOR THE STUPID: Tar sands emit more carbon than previously estimated
Haiti´s inland mangroves disappear under rising waters
US solar installation up 109% last year. no wonder fossil fuel industry trying to quash it…
Only systemic solutions will get us to scale on sustainability says Starbucks Ben Packard Globe2012 communicating that to consumers tricky. It's important to speak sustainability at the proper scale - Ben Packard Starbucks . Very true, speaks back to reporting
Great news: World wind power creates a new record in 2011!
The Victims Of Carbon Pollution: Asthmatic Children
GM opposes Washington State's proposed electric vehicle fee that has "no merit" -
International Day of Action for Rivers: Celebrating 15 years of river activism. Find out how you can participate!
Will your home be underwater in 2030? Not your mortgage, but the house itself?
Tracking Antarctic Krill as More Is Harvested for Omega-3 Pills:
U.S. corporations heat up solar market
Christians Giving Up Carbon For Lent -
New LowCVP chief eyes greener fleets challenge: business_green Convincing companies of the business -
Trenton's toilet troubles: business_green
The Clean Energy Standard: an important discussion about our climate and energy future that we aren't having
Bill O’Reilly Caught Red-Handed in a Flip Flop – He Used to Support the Volt and Government Subsidies ~Inhabitat
RIM gets funky, patents fuel cell manufacture for mobile devices
Is America Beyond Peak Meat?
Wind Clean Energy and the Challenge of Low-Cost Natural Gas New Dominion Study, Same Foot Dragging Results for Offshore Wind Power - Examiner
PRO: Big data meets the smart grid
Why cities are leading the way in green efforts
Electric Industry Runs Transformer Replacement Test
Lung doctors expect respiratory diseases will worsen with global climate change - PhysOrg Climate change will also worsen respiratory diseases - India Talks
Climate: A Valuable New Tool Lets You See Where the Sea Will Rise - Time
Taking Sustainability to the Consumer: Chris Ashworth at the 2011 Electrical Industry Conference -
Take a look at this infographic from WorldBank on the ocean's wealth and how to protect it.
Sir David King: "Important role" for nuclear in future energy mix: business_green More new reac...
Oil spill commission regroups to promote reform
Science Educators Troubled by Heartland's Climate Curriculum and Author's Credentials -
Thursday's letters: Climate change -
Luminous Windscape Pavilion Sways and Morphs With Each Passing Breeze in Lacoste, France ~Inhabitat
After all, sustainability means running the global environment - Earth Inc. - like a corporation: with -
GPS saves gas for produce delivery company
Introduction to Technology for Good: A Historical Perspective From GE
Are Thunderstorms More Powerful due to Climate Change? -
Renewables set to take centre stage
Artist Uses Public Billboards and Recycled Sunlight to Declare Views to the World -
Cost-cutting drives solar cell process at Twin Creeks
Kohl's Department Stores Recognized By EPA With 2012 Energy Star Award For Sustained Excellence:...
Does the world have another oil shock coming down the pipe?
Discover more about a common, global platform for companies to measure and report on product sustainability.
Far-away climate patterns fuel March warm-up - USA Today
Professor John Hills has published his independent review of fuelpoverty
2011 U.S. Solar Market Report — Top 7 Findings & Charts
Top 10 Solar Panel Companies in 2011
March 15 News: Reduction In Arctic Sea Ice Fueling Europe’s Colder Weather, Says UK Met Office
It's Dark Days for Coal and Power Sectors…
BP has ability to pay more for spill with oil over $120…
Clean Air and Public Safety Triumph over Keystone XL and Dirty Energy in the Senate
Oil extraction method widely used in California with little oversight…
Critical List: Gas prices could drop; Poland blocks EU carbon reforms
Shell confirms it has faced legal action over climate change: business_green Oil giant insists ...
RenewableUK asks government to dig deep for wave and tidal sector: business_green Report finds ...
In Midland, TX, Pool Builders Say New Water Restrictions Could Shut Them Down… New Drought Monitor out. Very little improvement for TX. Still 20% worst drought stage & just 7% not in drought.…
How companies capitalize on convergence to speed sustainability
Obama said to have discussed oil release with Cameron…
WashPost editorial calls for boosting natural gas exports…
Oklahoma water board takes steps to significantly lower aquifer withdrawals in southern…
Court rules grey wolves are ripe for the hunt
TSC Welcomes Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute!
Retrofitting existing buildings is taking off With the news that LEED-certified building retrofits now exceed LEED-certified new buildings, Doug Gatlin checks...
Flush a toilet and cool Google’s data center
International Interest Grows in Green-Building Certification
Eco Wave Power Moves Wave Energy Toward the Golden Middle: In the race to grab a piece of the huge untapped wa...
What’s the Right Standard (if Any) for Smart Lighting?: Lights consume about 22 percent of the electricity ...
Walmart Recognizes SC Johnson with its Vendor Sustainability Award -
Nation of Kiribati to be relocated due to rising sea level (necessary repost)…
March Madness? How about Solar Madness? See this infographic to understand just how "Mad" 2011 was for the solar...
Top 10 alarming environmental warnings: business_green BusinessGreen runs down OECD's worrying ... OECD demands immediate green action to avoid 'grim' future: business_green Business as usual po...
TSMC Receives New Certifications, Begins Solar Module Production: TSMC Solar Ltd., based in Taiwan, says it has ...
European Parliament Calls For Binding 2030 Renewable Energy Target: The European Parliament has voted for the fi...
Is GM Guilty of Funding Climate Change Denial?
Ireland Readies for the Opportunity in Wind, Smart Grid, and EVs: Ireland – the nation that invented St. Patrick’s Day...
Smart Grid Has Its Head in the Cloud: The cloud is everywhere in the business world, and it’s no different for...
Build your own solar panels – Is it possible to build your own solar panels?
Are toxins making you FAT? 10 steps to a toxin free body!
Tenth anniversary of a great sustainability and CSR book by friend and mentor Bob Willard.
U.S. Senate Passes the RESTORE the Gulf Coast States Act
Interesting juxtaposition of Las Vegas green with Phoenix, tagged as "Least Sustainable City in the World." ASU changing that.
Webinar: Unlocking The Mysteries Of The Dow Jones Sustainability Index: It is the Dow Jones Sus...
How a natural gas van came to market with a DOE loan (shocking!)
The U.S. Decision on Chinese Solar Panel Imports: Why Tariffs Are Only A Partial Solution
Which group is best advocating for a community-centered approach to economics and business?
Marsh of Encana: "We seek to find the perfect energy portfolio today." Nat gas as dominant achieves right eco and enviro blend. That big natural gas shift would mean 13% drop of CO2, 14% drop in Sufur dioxide, 38% drop in Nitrogen Oxides. Solar and wind would only jump from 1% to 4% of energy mix under Encana scenario.  - Globe2012
Is unsustainable consumption the mother of all environmental issues? Great question by EEA… RE: PSS approach?
Will COSIA, the new oil sands environment research sharing initiative, make a difference to emissions, water, land impacts? How is COSIA different? Member CEO support and tech sharing "unprecedented" according to COSIA CEO Dan Wicklum. Dan Wicklum CEO of COSIA_ca: Oil sands CEOs recognized that they were not doing enough for environment. Jim Rogers, CEO of U.S. Power utility giant Duke Energy: "the bigger challenge is we have to remake our generation fleet .. By 2050". The Chinese are doing things the US can't do at same pace and scale as the US.  "Working side by side with them we are learning lessons on how 2 build (nukes)" Says nukes must be in mix.  Rogers says Chinese don't like carbon storage, like capture and recycling of carbon into useful products. Rogers: "sharing tech, expertise and intellectual IP of scaling" with Chinese will bring great benefits to both countries. Rogers: "we have a lot in common as Americans with the Chinese because they have a Can-Do attitude."  - Globe2012
Building a global brain to solve sustainability puzzles
The BIOS Watercar is a 72 Mustang that uses a water hybrid system to dramatically increase its gas mileage.
COSIA to focus on improving environmental performance in land-use, water use & GHG output. Globe2012.
Rising Ocean Temperatures Harm Protected Coral Reefs - Science Daily
Navajos look to invest in Tres Amigas power station…

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