Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 53

Who May Be Responsible To Generate A Corporate Social Responsibility Report? http://bit.ly/FSfnzR
Put down that smartphone, it could help your business http://smrt.io/FQDdcM
Dot Earth Blog: Dot Shot: Hudson River Locked in Ice on March 18 (2007) http://bit.ly/FWC7vk
Warming up - ESPN - Here's where we are at this time of great global freshening, shorts and t-shirts ... http://ow.ly/1iaabd
Oil exploration worries many - Stuff - The letter also explains that the Kaikoura Canyon is home t... http://ow.ly/1iaabp
Fracking: The Wedge Issue of 2012? - http://Article.nationalreview.com http://ow.ly/1iaabs
Dominion explores designating coastal area for offshore wind - PennEnergy http://ow.ly/1iaabv
Solar Moves to Defend Against ITC Repeal: The American solar industry's months-long push to extend then revive ... http://bit.ly/FRidaX
CSR Africa - Chinese Multinationals Becoming More Responsible Corporate Citizens pigs will fly http://bit.ly/FQuTjL
Smart Grid - Bravo! SMUD and CenterPoint Energy share how they put the customer first: http://ow.ly/9Kj6H
Seeds and Coconuts Bring Dozens of New, Unexpected Products to Expo West 2012 http://bit.ly/FPRrwy
Green Blog: On Our Radar: A Plastic-Eating 'Monster' http://bit.ly/FPZTPW
"Recycling light bulbs work". -Colleen W., WhatWorks Project participant https://www.celebratewhatworks.com/ http://twitpic.com/8ylqa1
Green Blog: A Speed Record on the Power Grid http://bit.ly/FPWy3b
Amazon’s cloud rockstar not a fan of solar-powered data centers http://dlvr.it/1L6sfH
Wind Bipartisan Group of Senators Propose New PTC Extension http://ow.ly/1iarf7
Latin America’s much-vaunted renewable energy sector is poised finally to get the boost it has long lacked - http://is.gd/EKACZr
Bloomberg Names 10 Clean Tech Pioneers bit.ly/GBCLEf
Engineers enlist weather model to optimize offshore wind plan tw.physorg.com/251454849
Green Tips - Serve organic and/or locally grown food ow.ly/8Kksk
The real point of risk in the electric car charger build out bit.ly/GAZqB8
Strabag to Spend 300 Million Euros for Wind-Turbine Foundations - Bloomberg ow.ly/1ibeEN
Increasing pressure to harvest small fish worries scientists - Miami Herald ow.ly/1ibeEJ
Why your home needs an energy audit! Winter is gone but it's never too late or too EARLY shar.es/p5Zfd
'The problems are the US energy consumption per capita and China's consumption per GDP units'
The solar panel made from a particle collider smrt.io/GB0Aaw
Coal Is Expensive And Not Getting Any Cheaper - bit.ly/GB16cA
Tip - A 1/8-inch crack all the way around a doorway creates the same air loss as a 6in square hole in the middle of your door.
Sainsbury's sees surge in solar supermarkets: business_green Renewable Resources confirms succe... bit.ly/GCEULr
Smart Grid - fb.me/1Hha1Qzcd
Alec Baldwin has been busy! He called out Sen. Inhofe as "oil whore." bit.ly/GAZfpt & called for circus boycott: bit.ly/GBkQfC
Working together: Linking sustainability and tax bit.ly/GAAFSh
Stion Receives Certification, Begins Shipping Solar Modules From Miss. Factory: Stion, a manufacturer of thin-fi... bit.ly/GDY05d
HonestBuildings Starts Free Service 2 Compare Ratings and Reviews 4 US Buildings shar.es/p5k6I
Albeo Lands $8M for Industrial LEDs: Albeo Technologies raised $8 million in a series C funding round on Tuesday... bit.ly/GCmHP3
Not able to attend our GLOBE2012 Flash Meetings with LaneAndrew _AM_Watanabe? GL2012 flash Recap sfy.co/iCW
Electrotropophobia: it's not catchy but California utilities have caught it ... bit.ly/GDcsOk
Investors are Making Money on Renewable Energy bit.ly/GCnoI8
Why the new iPad is so hot (literally) ow.ly/1ibtS2
Study confirms oil from Deepwater Horizon disaster entered food chain in the Gulf of Mexico tw.physorg.com/251466518
500 Days Of Summer: Get Used To It, Says ABC News, Thanks to Global Warming. But NBC Is Still Out In The Cold. bit.ly/GDYvh8
Breaking News: Commerce Dept. Solar Tariff Verdict In: This just in. The Department of Commerce has found th... bit.ly/GDPj9O
Nissan Announces New Leaf Upgrades Launching in Late 2012 #green bit.ly/GDG7Wp
If green dreams about wind turbines and electric cars come true, the world may run out of some rare-earth metals econ.st/GEkZgo
Wind energy in Germany: US$263B electric shift biggest since war bit.ly/GD3xqQ
Bloomberg New Energy Finance Selects New Energy Pioneers bit.ly/GDc421
It's Official: US Commerce Imposes Tariffs on Chinese Solar Firms: In a highly anticipated announcement that ... bit.ly/GDsnvO
Electric Car Prices Drop In Europe, Will U.S. Follow? - hgm.me/GDU8DB
Get the background and basics on GMOs. fb.me/1Ly80BzSr
Coal Is Expensive And Not Getting Any Cheaper bit.ly/GCna8J
The Real Impact Of Loan Guarantees: ‘Solar Is Now Bankable’ And ‘Becoming Part Of A Much Broader Capital Market’ bit.ly/GDph67
GRIM New report reveals water scarcity affecting 2.7 billion: Water scarcity impacts at least 2.7 bil... bit.ly/GBvUGu
Portland's Bike-Share Moves One Step Closer to Reality - bit.ly/GDpB4B
Cities and Tall Buildings: 5 Views Rethinking the Challenges and Opportunities by futurecapetown goo.gl/fb/jrUYo
Discover more about a common, global platform for companies to measure and report on product sustainability. ow.ly/98z8K
Why climate change in 2100 matters - ow.ly/1iaJCI

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