Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 55

How Much For Gas? Under House GOP Gas Regulation Bill, Americans Would Pay With Their Health
Motorola Aims For The Green With MOTOACTV Golf Edition
Climate security conference focuses on intl response to threats to global stability and prosperity from climate change
Native Americans Protest Keystone XL From A Cage
Liter by Liter, Indians Get Cleaner Water -
Today OnEarth: Greasy Gulf Food Chain, Stolen Forests, Strawberry Reprieve
McDonald's Tests Out Ditching Polystyrene Cups In 2000 Stores
UNW_WWD 48 nations will face water stress/scarcity by 2025. Watch our video here: - World Water Day
Study confirms no easy fix to climate change, and natural gas doesn’t help much - Houston Chronicle
Climate change poses growing flood risks to US coastal cities - GreenBiz
With Noise Pollution Growing at Sea, A Texas Team Looks for Answers - NPR News
Cameron Brooks, VP, Policy blogs on Bringing Value to the New Energy Consumer with the GreenButton…
Taking concrete steps to reduce the country's oil dependence is the only way to increase U.S. energy security
Oil giant BP says safety will be "absolute priority" following consent for deep-water well west of Shetland Islands
AMI is the solution to challenges faced by water utilities around the globe
Converging Technology - FierceEnergy:
The ice cap on Mt. Kilimanjaro has shrunk 85% in 100 years. WorldWaterDay
Not a Drop to Drink from NRDC's OnEarthMag:
Drum roll please! Introducing the most fuel-efficient cars of 2012:
SIRF shores up financing for ASU sustainability initiatives. Learn more:
Nick SInai Sr Advisor CTO, OSTP: consumers and utilities. Innovations and entrepreneurs part of all of the above strategy. Creative energy efficiency part of strategy. Green button challenge--2 utilities live in 90 days, another 4 in 2012, 9 additional. 27 million. President called on congress to develop consumer bill of rights or privacy and provides national consistency
Wal-Mart And Grocers Agree To Stop Selling 'Pink Slime'
Ontario Slashes FiT for Solar, Wind: Ontario's Feed-in Tariff, which has been under constant and considerable p...
PG&E Needs More Solar
Brown rice is healthier and better for the planet -- and with this recipe, you'll never turn back.
Peepoo: To Stop the Flying Toilet & Help Developing Countries in Numerous Other Ways
Biodynamic, organic wines put under the spotlight for the first time at a major Italian wine show
Want to create 1.9 million US jobs + add $265 billion to the economy? Upgrade our water infrastructure: WorldWaterDay
NSTAR customers will soon be 1st in the Northeast to have access to detailed electricity usage using the Green Button.
CSR - Small Businesses Giving Back in Big Ways. CSR steps in.
How to support environmentally friendly marinas
Utilities, Vendors Expand Support for Green Button: California utilities and their consumer-facing vendors are...
NWF Tour Finds BP Oil Still Soaking Louisiana Marshes, Menacing Wildlife-
U.S. Is Inching Toward Elusive Goal of Energy Independence…
Renewable Battery Cathode Formed from Waste
Ontario town 2 Save Millions with Sensus Smart Grid for Water Technology -
Why Is the GOP Ignoring Its Own Climate Scientists About Climate Change? - Huffington Post
New Drought Monitor numbers show 90% of Texas still in drought.…
Stop Illegal Logging By Targeting Mafia Masterminds, World Bank Says
How Las Vegas is drying up - video…
Why Ocean Trash is Everyone’s Problem
Britain mulls replacing corporate CO2 scheme - 

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