Monday, March 19, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 52

Lake Erie is in danger of collapse - AGAIN. The EPA needs to step in to STOP IT.
Keystone XL Pipeline Could Cost More Jobs Than It Creates
Interview with O2 chief exec Ronan Dunne on O2's big sustainability ambitions
Startup Converts Plastic To Oil, And Finds A Niche -
Insight: Natural gas pain is oil's gain as frack crews head to North Dakota
Counting the Family Carbon
Bears' wounds heal as they sleep -
Study: GMO crops are killing butterflies
UN report of e-waste in Africa: surprisingly, most of the e-waste comes from within Africa
Massachusetts Town Struggles With Coca-Cola’s Waste
Worldwide Solar PV Market Grew in 2011
US Military and a Critical Energy Alternative
Vermont's Solar Deal: One Small State Makes a Big Solar Impact: So, you want to put solar on your roof. You're ...
Greenpeace teams up with industry to urge Budget support for CHP: business_green Combined heat ...
Deepwater oil ship — 1st of its kind — starts work in Gulf -
Eight things you can do to avoid GMOs #1 tell FDA to Just Label It #4 choose organic.
Obama says unseasonably warm weather is making him "a little nervous":
Watch the flight of this drone launched to monitor deforestation and endangered species. Neat stuff.
For Operators, Green Is A Future-Proofing ‘Must Do’ -
How to support environmentally friendly marinas
Free e-book: 7 Billion People are Consuming the Planet -
Here’s the $8.5 billion question: Can suburbanites be convinced to care about cities again?
Sustainable Tourism at the Rainforest Alliance
Green Blog: A Spring Sprung Too Soon Is a Death Blow to Butterfly
Solar industry faces subsidy cuts in Europe -
Smart Grid - Pike's smart grid industry predictions include - smart meters will shift from deployment to applications -
SmartLabs completes Rostelecom IPTV STB integration
RTOs are retiring coal power plants thanks to the exponential growth of demand response across PJM Interconnect
Plug-In Hybrid Porsche Panamera To Appear In 2014? -
Does cap-and-trade produce technological innovation?
Plowshares For Energy Security In The Pacific Northwest
Australia lagging in carbon cuts - United Press International
Marine Protected Areas Are Keeping Turtles Safe - Science Daily
Environmental policy: Action crucial to build on legislative momentum - Oregonian
A little more on new TX wind record reported by ERCOT_ISO, from 3/18 4:13pm: Non-coastal wind at 6882 MW = 83.8% of installed capacity ==> Coastal wind was at 1,035 MW (85.1% of installed capacity)
1.5 million: Barrels of crude oil used for making PET water bottles, globally. This is enough oil to fuel 100,000 American cars for a year.
Why GM is working with car-sharing firm RelayRides:

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