Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 54

AP analyzes 36 years of data, finds that more drilling didn't drop gasoline prices
Anti-Science? Monkey Bill? Passes Tennessee Senate -
House Panel Flailing to Cite Flaws in DOE Energy Loans. If it's not a fossil fuel, it must be a boondoggle
The clean energy revolution will be crowd funded
Boeing SUGAR Freeze: LNG-powered jet to increase fuel efficiency by 60 percent-
"Clean energy" namechecked as economic opportunity budget2012 along with roads and water. Network Rail to electrify line between Manchester and Sheffield and boost other lines in north budget2012. But looks new airport still on table "we must confront lack of airport capacity in SE of England - budget2012. "Environmentally sustainable has to be fiscally sustainable" budget2012. And then we had the environment bashing bit - now an essential part of an Osborne budget. Carbon Reduction Commitment is cumbersome so Osborne will bring forward plans to replace it if it can't be reformed. Those proposals would come forward in Autumn CRC Budget2012. Sounded like good news for CHP there: fuel used for heat to be exempted from carbon floor price? Budget2012. Will Osborne's enhanced capital allowances for Scottish enterprise zones boost offshore wind? budget2012. After support for renewables comes backing for gas: new tax breaks for N Sea oil and gas and plans to open up more drilling Budget2012. Yes gas is cleaner than coal, but that doesn't mean it's a good green energy alternative budget2012
Climate Change May Cause $2 Trillion/yr In Damages To Oceans; Fracking May Boost Health Risks
Critical List: Tariffs for imported Chinese solar panels; Obama to visit solar facility U.S. Plans Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels ~NYTimes
Climate Change Acceptance Sinks During Economic Slumps
LinkedIn Aggregation Shows Green Jobs Surge Ahead in Recession
Thomas Edison: For 100% Renewable Energy, Especially Solar
The Link Between Farms, Foodborne Illness, and Antibiotic Resistance
L.A. air pollution may increase risk of stroke
Nestle Waters North America Marks World Water Day by Highlighting Its Commitment to Improving Water...
When storms created a surplus of wind and water, Bonneville gave free power away but had to deal w/ an oversupply
Ryan Budget Pads Big Oil’s Pockets With Senseless Subsidies
New Research Reveals 2010 was the Hottest Year on Record
Noise Pollution Affects Plants, Too -
52% of public followed story of rising gas & oil prices very closely last week; drew more interest than GOP2012 race
H2-Whoa! How much water in a slice of bread?: The worst thing since sliced bread.
China Dumping Loads of Cash into Clean Energy, but Not Only…
Why Aren't More Bloggers Writing About Responsible Travel? -
Living Green and Saving Money – Our Grandparents did it why can’t we?
Over 1500 flights have taken place using biofuel. In 5 years the industry has gone from a dream to approved fuel specifications. ATAG2012
After some delays back in 2008, it's finally happening! Portland's Bike-Share Moves One Step Closer to Reality
car2go Selected as Birmingham Urban Mobility Provider
Honda Civic Hybrid Gas-Mileage Class-Action Settled -
"Offshore wind is the only thing that makes nuclear look cheap" says Dieter Helm, new Chair of Natural Capital Comm.
As "Bear 71" tells her tragic story, you realize this wilderness isn't as wild as it seems.
Do you have your free seafood pocket guide? Help protect marine life and your health
Can Social Media Help Save Two Rhinos Left For Dead by Poachers?
If you find ecobuilduk inspiring, you'll love GreenFutures -
Early Spring May Signal Darker Climate Changes Ahead - Forbes Warm spring weather and global warming: If only scientists could be so persuasive - YAHOO!
US Navy Information Chief Joins Former National Incident Commander for Hurricane Katrina and BP Oil Spill ...
Amount of Coldest Antarctic Water Near the Ocean Floor has been Decreasing for Decades
Lead in Lipstick - regulations, dangers & personal safety
Minnesota Electricity Could Be 100% Renewable, 100% Local
Bill McKibben explains that to win on global warming we need to talk about global warming.
Starbucks’ latest self-assessment has a few full cups and a few half-empty ones
Budget 2012: CHP firms predict sector cool down after Osborne ends tax break: business_green Cl...
U.K. Considers Environment Tax to Replace Carbon Burden?
Fin Bans in New York and Illinois Would Protect Sharks and Public Health, from NRDC's blog:
Green Blog: Supreme Court Affirms Idaho Couple's Right to Challenge E.P.A.
Centrica, Dong Form Wind-Farm Venture for Irish Sea Projects - Bloomberg
How energy data will change the future [VIDEO]
Majority of corporate giving not measured
2013 Nissan LEAF to get 20-25 Extra Miles in Cold Weather Thanks to New Heater
Skeptical About The Chevy Volt? In CA, GM May Loan You One -
Will The Real Green Colleges Please Stand Up: Measuring Real Sustainability On Campus
Organic operations surge 3% in U.S.

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