Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 59

New Limits on Carbon Pollution Will Help Usher in a Clean, Healthier Future
Lessons from Richard Branson: Boosting your brand with sustainability
Dubai Airport cuts CO2 emissions by 72,793 tonnes, saves 131.9 million gallons of water in 2011
How to make solar even more sustainable
Did you know regrind plastic is 100% recyclable?
Discover more about a common, global platform for companies to measure and report on product sustainability.
Prius Rebound Effect Wrong
San Onofre Nuclear Plant to Remain Offline Indefinitely…
NYT editorial: Clean Water and the Spruce Mine…
The carbon footprint of oil sands oil
Flint Hills Released Benzene at Port Arthur Facility, NRC Says…
Time to Tighten Up Oil & Gas Industry Methane Leaks to Curb Global Warming from @NRDC's blog:
Tres Amigas control center location up in air; Amarillo in the running…
Human memory based solution to enhance power from wind turbines-
Electric bikes are often overlooked, but annual sales of will surpass 47 million by 2018. Give one a test ride!
Food Studies: Canvolution!
India's Solar Excitement: Proceed with Caution
Remembering to turn off the faucet while we brush our teeth can save 5-10 gallons/person/day. WaterWednesday
Smart Grid - Ever wonder what the differences will be between today's grid and the smart grid? SGCC member VT Electric explains:
Two minutes on how to make a healthy city by Kaid_at_NRDC
Skip store-bought air fresheners and try boiling cinnamon sticks, cloves, or orange peels! Spring Cleaning Tip - Spring cleaning means rejuvenation! Use natural and effective products for a fresh and enjoyable cleaning experience!
Germany has seen renewable energy grow to 20% of its supply. Activists say it's time to choose sides in energy debate.
Fact Sheet: 6 Things You Should Know About The Value Of Renewable Energy
BP Oil Spill’s Sticky Remnants Wash Up Sporadically On Gulf Beaches -
PRO: Key technologies for the smart city
China to develop national standards for CSR
Smart Grid - The Communications Society Stephen O. Rice Prize in the Field of Communications Theory Prize Plaque and...
EPA's Gina McCarthy: New GHG rule allows 30-year averaging for new plants, so a new coal plant doesn't need to install CCS for 10 years.
10 technologies can make oil and gas industry money - and protect health, environment from NRDC's blog:
Farming needs 'climate-smart' revolution, says cgiarclimate report
Plan now for climate-related disasters -U.N. report - Reuters
Towering wind turbine prototype off Va. approved - AP -
New International Green Construction Code Unveiled
Harry Waxman: "The most effective thing we can do is use less oil" cites EIA analysis on efficiency. Waxman: Oil imports have dropped from 60% to 45% of demand, with efficiency and alternatives playing a key role.
Americans think gas should be free.  Imperiosus_- $5 a gallon!!? Its already £1.45 a litre here £6.59 a gallon or approx. $9 a gallon!!
New study suggesting LEED bldgs are more dangerous for workers is getting a skeptical view among the LEED community
What does climate have to do with crazy weather? 2,000 climate scientists have a new report on the connection.
Link TV's 'ViewChange: Unleashing Innovation' Features Top Entrepreneurs Tackling Global Problems (VIDEO)
Markey: GOP crocodile tears about gas prices. Every GOP member voted against bill to require Keystone oil to stay in U.S. Will GOP Attacks on Gas Prices Backfire?
Very high radiation, little water in Japan reactor -
The Power of the Dammed: How Small Hydro Could Rescue America's Dumb Dams: When early 20th century engineers de...
Smart Grid - IDC Energy Insights report on home energy management: For now, utilities are on their own -…
Check out CorporateKnight’s inaugural Top 10 Cleantech Companies listed in the U.S.
Green Button paves way for new commercial energy tools
Living Green and Saving Money – Our Grand parents did it why can’t we?…
Can Wind and Solar Compete Against Natural Gas?: The wind industry is not likely to save its production tax cr...
Why new EPA "vintage differentiated" clean air regulations are a strange way of regulating power plants
Starbucks Increases Recycling; Backs Away from Reusable Mugs
Verdantix offers a blueprint for green office buildings
Report: Global warming will lead to a deluge of severe weather events
This map shows the country's dirtiest air: are you in a deadly zone?
Consortium aims to reduce energy draw of fiber to the home | ZDNet
Critical List: Fukushima will take decades to decommission; North Sea gas leak
Latin America Report: Geothermal Gaining Steam in Chile: Enel Green Power announced this week that it has been ...
Germany's Official 2011 Solar PV Stats: Where Growth Is Happening: Germany's Federal Network Agency, Bundesnetz...
Sustainable Cities: Meeting the Challenge of Rapid Urbanization the Focus of “Planet Under Pressure 201..
A Whole Computer Inside an Altoids Tin
Essess Merges Google Street View With Zillow to Scale Home Energy Audits : Greentech Media…
Airborne windfarm soars
"Warm & fuzzy works: communicating climate change for richer public engagement"
Tanzania: GMO Varieties Could Harm Wild Relatives -
Redford pledges $3-billion energy investment
Why EPA’s new carbon rules won’t have much impact for now - The Washington Post -
FREE Code Green webinar at 2: Learn the difference between building codes, standards, and rating systems
Rep Cleaver is leading the way, building the green economy in his own district of KC, MO.
NJ is the #2 provider of solar energy in the US says Senator Menendez Watch:
Cost-effective energy-efficient DIY weatherization home improvements
On Our Radar: The Maldives Movie ~NYTimes

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