Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 58

Americans Mostly Just Whining About High Gas Prices - Spending Habits Don't Change Much ow.ly/1imLuw
Students Challenged to Find Energy Waste in Their Schools ow.ly/1imLuv
What’s the Fracking Problem?: One image in the HBO movie Gasland changed our perception of shale gas... bit.ly/Hgp0d2
New probe finds worse damage at Fukushima reactor - WTOP ow.ly/1impCu
Report: BP Oil Spill Seriously Damaged Coral - NewsMax.com ow.ly/1impCM
Are We Doomed to Wage Wars Over Water?  bit.ly/H9rBlt
Smart Grid - Can Microgrids Electrify One Billion People?: A small-scale, snow cone operation has come to Mali. Women in tw... bit.ly/HbfaXQ
Smart Grid - Top Ten Utility Smart Grid Deployments in North America: 2011 was a year of unprecedented spending for smart g... bit.ly/HbfcPC
Smart Grid - Why consumers are ganging up to buy electricitysmartgridnews.com/artman/publish…
Fiber-to-the-Home Goes Green: New Technology Dramatically Reduces Energy Need. Intros Bit-Interleaved PON bit.ly/H88A9k
Will China do to metering what it did to solar panels? smartgridnews.com/artman/publish
How businesses can use games to spur greener behavior ow.ly/9Uj7Y
Is a Prius really good for the environmentow.ly/1JlC2j
13 sustainable brands owned by big corporations. ow.ly/1JlBFy
The Top Five Things You Need To Know About EPA’s New Carbon Pollution Rule bit.ly/H9VdiB
Looking forward to a Low Carbon Economy to Be Presented by U.S. Green Building Council - shar.es/pAE7B
UK carbon measuring centre 'to improve climate future' bbc.in/GMJmJn
Verizon Aims to Reduce CO2 Intensity 50% by 2020 ow.ly/9MyT0
German Coalition Reaches Compromise On Solar FIT Cuts: Representatives from Germany's lower house of parliament ...bit.ly/HbvQyp
Chinese PV Inverter Market Is Booming As Domestic Installations Grow: The Chinese PV inverter market grew by overall...bit.ly/HcAKin
How Republicans saved the ozone layer - grn.bz/HffVyj
Which Oil Company is Most Trustworthy? bit.ly/HaIYXd Which Firms Should You Trust? ow.ly/1imWsg
Liberty Paper Unshackes a Gigantic Paper Mill from Fossil Fuels bit.ly/GV9yCx
Climate change may cut profits from oceans by trillions - SciDev.Net ow.ly/1imMeN
What's keeping EV from the mainstream? GreenBiz takes a look ow.ly/9UATg
Interesting allusions here to drought issues in the Middle Eastnewswest9.com/story/17261531… / Tigris & Euphrates drying up
Texas' top export globally is petroleum/coal products, which totaled $41.3 billion in 2011. mysanantonio.com/business/busin…
Climate Change Drives Extreme Weather, Says New Research - Slate ow.ly/1imTEY
Signs of Thawing Permafrost Revealed from Space - Science Daily ow.ly/1imTF3
Nonprofits and Brands Seeking Purpose-driven Collaborations Have CauseWay -- a New Program at sb12con bit.ly/xG2xyC
Actress Kyra Sedgwick and Leila Monroe (SaveOceans) discuss plastic pollution in global waters j.mp/GXnw87
People before profits =EPA announcing coal pollution standards that will help those most vulnerable stay healthy and create jobs.
Gas Leaks From North Sea Rig for Third Day nytimes.com/2012/03/28/bus…
Green Blog: $1.2 Million Fine for Indian Point Fire bit.ly/Hepgsc
Coca-Cola Releases Water Stewardship Progress Report - shar.es/pCKSw
Being CSR Forward or not being CSR Forward? - Ventures Africa shar.es/pihW1
UK Risks Losing Billions In Offshore Wind Sector If Reforms Delayed - Smart Money ow.ly/1imX67
 Coal's Final Hoorah Coming Soon - Mother Jones ow.ly/1imX5Z
Switching From an SUV to a Prius Saves 430 Gallons of Gas a Year The so-called 'Prius Fallacy' is fallacious. bit.ly/GTUyIB
Students Find Wasted Energy ow.ly/1imWIa
EPAgov announces limits on industrial carbon pollution from new power plants a vital step toward protecting our climate bit.ly/GXaHWR A must read: The top 5 things you need to know about EPAgov's new carbon rule j.mp/GXNYP8
Cleaning up 9 million pounds of coastal garbage huff.to/GUj7ko
Do you have your free seafood pocket guide? Help protect marine life and your health - vsb.li/V8mmhb
Autodesk brings more sustainable design tools into the cloud bit.ly/HcgNVd
What did you learn from your elders? Sami Grover looks at sustainability lessons from the great depression. bit.ly/GVTX8F
Doctors who request info about fracking chemicals to treat patients for exposure have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
BP Oil Spill Responsible for Coral Damage in Gulf of Mexico bit.ly/GVYwzS ~Inhabitat
What is the Green Economy? Greenforall College Ambassador Danielle Bailey talks about bringing change to Savannah St: bit.ly/GYl0xT
Talk to Me! Why Brands Need to Communicate their Sustainability - ow.ly/9TfP1

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