Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 49

Have you read Globe and Mail Globe2012 report? RBC's Sandra Odendahl talks about the sustainability movement
Brazil faces new oil-boom curse as the world’s resource engine |
Great news: World wind power blows through a new record in 2011!
Here Comes the High Line Part 3
Pediatricians Warn: Common Chemicals Damaging Children’s Health…
Are gas prices high enough to get Americans ditching their exurban McManses for walkable city living?
Utilities 2020 Attempts to Move Regulation Into the 21st Century:
This is cool: An open data standard for food…
And the top 10 solar module makers of 2011 are . . .
Ronald Reagan: Father Of The Modern Electric Car?
Obama’s alternative energy priority for 2012 -
Could White be the new Green? When it comes to your roof, it is!…
Can Green Gamification Save the World?
Climate Change Envoy to Lead Influential Institute - New York Times
Study: Rising Sea Level Threatens Homes of 4 Million Americans - US News and World Report
One Year Post Fukushima, Americans Are Divided About the Risks of Nuclear Power - Sacramento Bee
An under-used resource in Washington: forest biomass-
A monumental year solar for U.S. solar according to Shayle Kann of GTM Research. California and NJ lead the US in Solar. US solar market grew 109% to 1,800 MW. U.S. 2012 PV installations could reach 2.8GW US module manufacturing declined from 1.3 GW to 1.2 GW in 2011. U.S. Inverter manufacturing grew from 404 MW to 615 MW. But more and more states are growing their PV installations. 8 states installed more than 50 megawatts. 2012 will see a completed 100MW PV project in the U.S. Germany, China, US Could Install Record Amount of PV in 2012 : Greentech Media…
Why spend more buying "USDA Organic" certified foods?
Steve Williams, President and COO Suncor: environmental debate is becoming polarized; where is the space for more collaboration? Steve Williams, President, Suncor: environmental stewardship and business success are not mutually exclusive.
Jim Weigand, President, DSS: we truly believe that leadership is key to driving sustainability and collaboration.
Leaving the Sustain Center.
Texas imports power from Mexico, even at times (like now) when the grid's not in crisis…
Nuclear power is about to become less and less a creature of democracies
Green Washed – Book Review
Senate Approves Balanced Transportation Legislation
Green Tips - Use eco-friendly bedding materials such as Down and feathers
Mr. Green Week: Did Pesticides Whack My Birdies?: The case of the missing robins. [VIDEO]
Coconut Coir is an Eco-Friendly Soil Component That Helps Your Plants Thrive ~Inhabitat
A Critique of "The Lorax"-- The dangers of the "individualization of environmental responsibility." -
Bethlehem gastropub redevelopment project gets clean energy loan
The urgency of climate action: interview with Tom Friedman…
Can grass-based ranching be scaled up sustainably? By tlaskawy
A bugged life: Warm winter could mean more insects

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