Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 106

Sustainability Efforts Engage Employees, Increase the Bottom Line: bit.ly/pvnlis
GREEN: The key elements to prepare for a sustainability plan ourcoloradonews.com/business/indus…
Sustainability - Because we don't think about future generations, they will never forget us. - Henrik Tikkanen 
Ohio Stadium Plays Sustainability Game With Zero Waste Proje... justmeans.com/Ohio-Stadium-P…
Why? Horrible! Japan confirms whaling fleet to sail - bbc.in/qKEwnu
Richard Branson on the Business of Sustainability bit.ly/p5UwFp
Figueres calls on businesses to break “vicious cycle” of climate inaction: business green Head ...bit.ly/qgTnSz
The clean energy sector is growing faster than any other sector accounting for over 90K in the LA area alone. http://bit.ly/r329ZA
Top 45 Natural Green Uses For Vinegar http://gogreenamericatv.com/the-blender-gi
Local Mitsubishi dealer gets a head start on promoting the all-electric i  http://aol.it/qiybCY
State Dept. Assigned Keystone XL Review to Company With Ties to TransCanada
SolarCity to develop 1.6MW solar project for California school district: The project for the Chico Unified School... bit.ly/qG2Dkh
Biz Break: Record demand for new iPhone, Netflix flip-flops, Alibaba-Yahoo saga continues trap.it/kn3FYy
Proposition can help Texas meet its water needs chron.com/opinion/outloo…
Tar Sands Protesters, CO2 Emissions, Clean Water and American Blood bit.ly/qRvmu9
Attend the Smart Grid Customer Education Symposium in DC today smartgridcustomereducation.com
New Zealand oil spill danger to marine wildlife ~bit.ly/nbS845 NZ oil spill 'worst in decades'  bbc.in/potRPV
SPI Themes: The Rise of Solar Balance of System and PV Electronics: If you're in the solar industry, more than... bit.ly/qyaRZV
Ormus IS THE KEY to future agriculture productivity. ~bit.ly/GaiaHarvest
Figueres predicts carbon market will overcome current uncertainty: business_green Top climate o...bit.ly/rgE0ks
Virgin trials "revolutionary" biofuel made from waste gases: business_green New fuel promises h...bit.ly/oIay7r
Mayor Boris warned high-density housing no excuse for feeble recycling rates: business_green Lo...bit.ly/nQApR5
Belated coverage of the carbon asset bubble in New Scientist: bit.ly/nGaRHr.
Canadian Truckers Can Now Earn Carbon Credits from Fuel Efficiency bit.ly/nUaw5y
Rising oil costs have pushed up the value of ethanol-producing Iowa farmland econ.st/oSxoFb
KEMET to Participate in OECD Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Guidance Pilot Implementation: bit.ly/qUAxDI
Alberta divests from tobacco, adopts Norway's ethical standards for their portfolio: ow.ly/6TEOc
NOAA's new normal for Texas: hotter/ US temps 1.5 degrees above 1970s. statesman.com/opinion/insigh…
San Antonio keeps water flowing amid a deep drought usatoday.com/news/nation/en…
Rice University professor says TX environmental agency censored climate change references in article chron.com/news/houston-t…
Eastman Chemical Company - Connecting Science and Sustainability shar.es/borUq
Different approaches to resource efficiency across Europe bit.ly/oeKY59
Kauai, the Garden Island, Soon to Be the Smart Meter Island: Hawaii's state public utilities regulator has app... bit.ly/q94C2T
Tesla to buy Model S battery cells from Panasonic dlvr.it/qFqlw
Without environmental sustainability, economic stability and social cohesion cannot be achieved - Phil Hardin deck.ly/~PvDyA
In 2006, fracking of a new well caused methane to leak through an abandoned well … bit.ly/o5IYI2
Italy EGP starts building 150 MW U.S. wind farm bit.ly/qu0PFI – Reuters
Solar and Wind Could Power the West Right Now, All of America in 2026 bit.ly/qTBVCz
Calling all NYS companies - DR values are rebounding in 2012! Maximize your DR enrollment - register today: shar.es/bouWE
Join us today to learn about how highly reliable, factory-integrated microinverters are enabling a new generation... fb.me/18V1dK6JW
Trick or Tag for UNICEF ow.ly/1f5mfY
The Companies that Will Make a Business Out of Geoengineering grn.bz/r0D4kE
Mexico SmartGrid Market to Reach $8.3 Billion by 2020 bit.ly/ohjVwD
The Solar_Decathlon Winners Design A Cheap House That Generates Clean Power bit.ly/n019ve
Looming landfill ban prompts electronics recycling - Chicago Sun-Times bit.ly/o0SPTQ
GOP Vows to End Nonexistent Farm Dust Regulations - Photo: nosha. Flickr, CC BY-SA Bold and cunning Republicans in ... ow.ly/1f5FHb
Bosco Verticale in Milan Will Be the World’s First Vertical Forest ow.ly/1f5FI8
China’s Coal-Powered Grid Negates the Green Benefits of Electric Vehicles bit.ly/o6RLC7 – Inhabitat
Japan summer energy savings prevent rolling blackouts: ow.ly/6U5XD
Is it time to Green Your Home? Yes - start with simple steps. shar.es/bblHY
Mutant maize genes increase viability of switch grass for biofuel bit.ly/qwk7Nq
To understand the benefits of smartgrid and how consumers can make energy choices to save money register for greatlakessymposium.com 

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