Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 103

Project Funding, Supply Chains, and LCOE: A Lot in Common: One of the strategic problems plaguing the growth of ...
Entrepreneur, Innovator and Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Dies at 56 ~Inhabitat
E.P.A. Task Force Issues Strategy on Gulf Coast
Greening Water Works for Jobs, Infrastructure and the Environment 
Analysis: South African carbon tax plan hurts job ambitions ~Reuters
Illinois city Naperville allows SmartMeter opt-outs - but likely few will take that option: 
The Impacts of Energy-Smart Buildings 
Mapping a Changing Climate. Changing the American Psyche.
NASA IceBridge Sander Air GRAV L1B Geolocated Anomalies Data for 2011 Greenland Now Available at NSIDC
Eleven Social Games to Promote Wellness
Australia's $1.2 Billion Clean Technology Program
EPA Rolls Back Air Rule, Texas Gets Most Leeway… (AP)
Paris Unfurls EV Car-Sharing Program
Obama Slams GOP Claim America Can’t Compete: “I’m Not Going to Surrender to Other Countries.” 
Miniwiz makes iPhone cover from 100% trash
Outpouring of calls to reject Keystone XL tar sands pipeline as State Dpt holds final public meeting NRDC's blog:
Corruption Scandal Brewing at State Department Over TransCanada Emails
How to interest the Southeast in energy efficiency -  SE has low rates but highest e- use in the US
7 Futuristic Modes of Green Transportation for Land, Sea and Sky -Inhabitat 
If US Gasoline Use is Declining, is the Keystone XL Pipeline Needed?
CFOs should take a more hands-on role in Sustainability, survey finds
Turning the Tide of Wetland Destruction

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