Friday, October 14, 2011

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2011 Issue 109

sus.tain’a.bil’i.ty n. the ability to meet the needs of the present while living within the carrying capacity
What Will Happen When the World's Population Hits 7 Billion?
NRDC Pres Frances Beinecke is among these 10 impressive eco-moms from
Enecsys' solar PV micro inverters deliver up to 20 percent more energy harvest than string inverters
New solar optimizer seeking to solve shady panels.
Solar is getting cheap fast—Very Serious People should pay attention
Underground Skyscraper is a Self-Sufficient Desert City
EDF's Hutson: 'We've Failed. We've Failed to Convince the General Public to Worry About Climate Change.'
EV manufacturers get harmonized, agree to build a universal charging system
Keep up-to-date with the latest Environmental news on our FB page
Obama and the corruption of big oil
Margaret Atwood's new book is made of straw
Now it's just too easy to connect Wall St. protests to environmental issues. Liberty Plaza owners tied to fossil fuels!
The Advantage of Organic Biofuel Production
Green jobs? We've got them, along with scores of career resources
Move over, Solyndra: There’s a new fake solar scandal
Latest: Videos on Clean Energy That Give You the Basics and More
Recycling in style!
Why stop the corn ethanol madness? For starters, it boosts food prices but has little or no climate benefit. 

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