Friday, October 7, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 104

It's not a choice between our environment and our economy; it's a choice between prosperity and decline. - President Barack Obama 
Cold weather is no obstacle: The Surprising Rise of Minneapolis as a Top Bike Town : 
GreenBiz at Greenbuild, Steve Jobs' Inspiration for Sustainability, 20 Years of Green Consumers, & More... -
EF Presents Awards at Twelfth Annual Powered by EF Reception: EF announced that Cisco and Silver
Mark Tercek at SXSW Eco: Valuing Nature
Is US Manufacturing Ramping Up Again?
USGBC's Greenbuild Conference Officially Kicks off in Toronto: 23,000 leaders of the "regeneration" captivated...
Undaunted TerniGreen to seek Milan IPO in November - Reuters

Fracking Roundup: Legislation and… / Nice summary from Marten Law
Ran into an old but great article: Factor X seen through the lens of Strategic Sustainable Development [pdf]
Leveling the Playing Field for a Cleaner Mediterranean - Boats on the Mediterranean near Kaş, Turkey. Photo: Jennifer...
Mapping a Changing Climate. Changing the American Psyche.
NASA-Approved Electric Airplane Flies 200 Miles in 2 Hours Could this be the future of flight?
 South Africa’s First Vertical Garden is a Living, Growing Billboard for Emirates Airlines - Inhabitat
October 7 News: Climate Activists Occupy Keystone Pipeline Hearing
Rep. Cliff Stearns is against energy subsidies that aren’t to oil companies
NyloDeck Made Without Wood or PVC:
A cautionary tale of how even very smart people can do something dumb.
Halloween is coming. Here's a guide to making it more eco-friendly.…
“Near Net Zero” at Frito-Lay’s Casa Grande Facility in Arizona: Despite environmentalist's love for salty snacks...
Chevron is really bearish on cleantech investing --
The Cronyism behind a pipeline for Crude | NYT
If you have not seen this check it out! A two liter bottle of Light? Solar simplicity!…
Outpouring of calls to reject KeystoneXL tarsands pipeline as State Dept holds a final public meeting.
In the tradition of solar cartoon Fridays :)
Chart Shows Corruption in Govt Review of Keystone XL Pipeline
Develop(ing) countries accounting for 80% of the world's global warming pollution pledged to cut their emissions.
No Plane, Train, Automobile Required: The BASF Sustainable Construction Virtual Expo Debuts Oct. ...
Dissent Rocks Final Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Hearing
What's to prevent KeystoneXL from spilling into YOUR aquifer?

Phil Pauley unveils Eco Drive Monorail system concept!…
10 Practical Tips for Ridesharing
Ericsson Labs - 'Solar as a service' to aid off-grid phone charging - Rethink Wireless 
Frito-Lay Unveils “Near Net Zero” sustainable Manufacturing Facility
NASA: It rained so hard that ocean levels fell. A year of Mega-floods  
European Salvo Worries Pipeline Advocates –NYTimes
Yes! Sharks Protected (plus oceans and environment ) :…

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