Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 107

Sustainability 3.0: When Products' True Costs Are Covered
The Future Quotient - how to get a grip on the future: Google and Virgin have a 100-year plan.
Carbon Trust launches Footprint Verification service: business green New service to offer
Economic theory and the Real Great Contraction
Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is the right target at the right time
Visions of the future of organic agriculture:
Bradoo: Dark side of Moore's Law: Accelerating innovation in consumer electronics has accelerated cycle for obsolescence.  Global e-waste value in 2010 was $70B RT MarkLVachon#GrnBz BioMine CEO on the massive commodity value inside ewaste versus classic mining.
What Has GE Learned from Bringing Ecomagination to Scale?
Mexico City, Abu Dhabi seek contact-free public transit
Iceland, Switzerland, Costa Rica, and Sweden rank as the world’s most environmentally friendly countries
Have you heard of energy poverty? |
Disadvantaged teens build 160 MPG hybrid car
Best Buy's Tech it Away program helps locals recycle e-waste
The top 12 reasons to go organic from the OrganicCenter
America uses more corn for fuel than for food
Spectacular East Oakland Sports Center Creates a Place of Community ~Inhabitat
Environmental Chemicals May Prove Obstacle for Infertile Couples
Ocean of trouble: Report warns of the dangers of offshore fish farming
Bud Selig: "Baseball is a social institution... caring for the environment is linked to all aspects of the game"
Get excited about The Networked EV next week! Are you attending?
Indigenous People Sound the Alarm on Climate Change
Global Biofuels Market Value to Double to $185 Billion by 2021
Solar Industry: 1603 Extension Would Add 37,000 Jobs: The solar industry on Wednesday launched its opening salvo.
Energy Disclosure Laws - A Nationwide Trend in Transparency
What’s the Greenest Company of Them All? 

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