Monday, October 17, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 110

Can You Lead and Sustain Organizational Change? How does what you do align with this process? Check the article.
Mexico is releasing 5 endangered Mexican gray wolves in the Sierra San Luis
X-Ray Umbrella Keeps You Dry as a Bone – Inhabitat
What Have We Become? Connected Film Dissects Our Dependence on Digital Connection
Consumption and Waste – Potential Solutions…
The Blender Girl’s Top 45 Natural Green Uses For Vinegar…
WRI’s Review of Climate Science 2009-2010: “As a Whole, the Literature Paints a Bleak Picture”
Global Green: Innovative and Sustainable Designs…
This Guy Loves his Electric Car!…
Climate change is one of the reason kids don’t go outside anymore
Hertz nurtures business-to-business interest in electric vehicles
Young Chilean kayakers give us (yet) another reason why HidroAysén is a bad idea
2011 on track to be slightly cooler than recent years, but global warming continues
Did you know that the BlackBerry outage has reduced the number of car crashes? Surprised?
CSX Announces More Than $8 Million to Support City Year: As City Year corps members are
"At Barefoot College you are not handed a certificate; you are certified by the community you serve" Bunker Roy on TED
NYT asks where climate change went, ignores own failed coverage
Pricing carbon from ground to consumer: U.S. study ~Reuters 
How To Preserve Herbs in Ice Cubes
GE's new factory will push out one solar panel every ten seconds
Can we commit our bodies to a cleaner, greener Earth, even after death? 
Scarce resources, climate biggest threats to world health
Climate change is making plants and insects shrink:
The LED Power Outage Lighting System Provides Energy Efficient Backup Illumination for Your Home - Inhabitat
Historic drought conditions are fueling largest algae bloom in over a decade along TX Gulf Coast… (AP)
A New Rallying Cry: Occupy Green Building
The strategist who is unconcerned by sustainability is akin to an architect who cares not whether their building
APNewsBreak: Judge orders more environmental review of global warming's threat to polar bears: –RJJ
 With technology, US sites '10 times' more productive than overseas sites
Ohio Manufacturers Hit Energy Jackpot! Free Audits Yield $100,000 Each
World Solar Challenge Automotive Race Kicks Off in Australia! ~Inhabitat
Texas drought boosts Georgia farmers…
EPA and GSA Regional Administrators tour GEEP E-Waste - U.S. (press release)
Exxon Still Trying to Get Out of Paying for Valdez Oil Spill Clean-Up
SunPower embraces microinverters for the first time 

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