Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 88

Nation’s Leading Sustainability Competition Begins:
GridWeek: Reactions to Smart Grid Veto in Illinois: Smart grid advocates and lawmakers were (expectedly) shot ...
The Cause of Earth's Largest Environmental Catastrophe ~
Dr. Oz Finds Arsenic in Many Top Apple Juice Brands, find out which brands are the worst and if organic is ok:
Ayn Rand Unbound Peter Thiel Doesn’t Like Cleantech VC, Mankind
The clear-sighted do not rule the world, but they sustain and console it. - Agnes Repplier
After a $550 million energyefficiency retrofit, the Empire State Building was awarded LEED-Gold Cert. by the usgbc
Report: Bloom Energy valued at almost $3B
Province by Province Details of China's Five-Year Energy and Environment Priorities
Fox's Hypocrisy: Bash Solar in Primetime, Then Hype it at the Emmys
New Poll Reveals Maine Residents Support Strong Lighting and Appliance Efficiency Standards
4,000,000 people have tuned into ClimateReality and there's still some hours left:
Greenhouse Gas Rule Delayed
FERC Commissioners Agree that EPA Rules Can Be Implemented Reliably
Clean Urban Energy helps flatten loads in commercial buildings with "building as [thermal] battery"
Loren Steffy: Don't blame EPA for deregulation failure…
MIT’s Tiny Kinetic Generator Produces 100 Times More Power from Small Vibrations ~Inhabitat
ITU International Telecommunications Union backs ICT Global Green Standard addressing climate change & e-waste 
Social Media and Climate Change: How Communities Can Change the Course of History
NRDC: We just issued 4 press releases on how much ppl like more energy-efficient stuff - it's news to some elected officials: NEWS FLASH! People want household appliances & lighting to be more energy-efficient & support higher standards:
Database Tracks Votes on Environmental Issues
Moto Undone: Minimalist Mirrored Electric Motorcycle Flies Through the Streets
LEDinside: Chinese LED Makers to Cut Production and Downsize.
Adaptation is the only means to reduce the now-unavoidable costs of climate change over the next few decades.
Energy Oil Gas Carbon HydroElectric Geothermal Nuclear Wind & Solar:
NRDC: Carbon Standards Urgently Needed To Protect Kids, Planet 

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