Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 86

 "We are in a very privileged position when it comes to energy": Ross Hornby, VP, GE Canada 
Europe solar power to be competitive by 2020bit.ly/pUINVc
Australian Government introduces carbon price legislation into parliament.  green  bit.ly/mOOClu
Test Drive: Mitsubishi i Electric Car and Chevy Volt bit.ly/opCEkz
A Legal Defense Fund for Climate Scientists bit.ly/pmQgDu
How a Passive Building Aggressively Saves Energy grn.bz/qRcLDS
Corporate Reporting Gets a New Framework for the 21st Century grn.bz/qGr8yw
"We're seeing more microgrids on military installations in the U.S. because there's less bureaucracy to get them up," Evan Gaddis, NEMA
10 eco-friendly, DIY projects for back to school ~yhoo.it/q60uhE 
About 22% of electricity use in U.S. is for lighting -- Pamela Horner, Senior Director, Osram Sylvania, GridWeek . Pamela Horner says 5% lighting reduction in US in next 20 yrs  GridWeek.
AT&T Becomes Latest Company to Use Plastic Made from Sugarcane grn.bz/q4WNqW
Moving off welfare by rehabbing vacant properties for homes, job skills bit.ly/nb2HXx
What if Solar got fossil fuel subsidies? Infographic - http://bit.ly/dJQwDl
The Question: How Can the U.S. Solar Industry Meet Expectations?: RenewableEnergyWorld asked solar executives a... bit.ly/rsIa9Q
Walking the Walk: An Interview with GEO President and CEO Douglas Dougherty: Mr. Dougherty assumed the position... bit.ly/qxneDN
Video Interview: Green Jobs for Native Americans ow.ly/1eFGWQ
A Green Gloss to Car Racing? bit.ly/n6lk3K~NYTimes 

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