Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 87

World solar market to increase 130% by 2020:
Craig Newmark on Doing Well by Doing
Federal officials are getting ready to release a report on what caused the BP oil spill in the Gulf:
What transportation innovation can we envision for the home of 'The Motor City '?
 Tia Kansara explains the idea of 'balance' in cities , discusses earth2.0
Maybe we can turn this crisis around -renovations of vacant housing = jobs, reduced  poverty
Can organic food save the world?
LA learned from Carmageddon- donates some car lanes to bikes
Bush admin pushed Solyndra loan guarantee for two years:
Arctic ice nears record low Arctic sea ice coverage second lowest on record: report
Hawaii Utility Turns to Biofuel To Lessen Reliance on Oil: Isolation has its merits, but in Hawaii the same sec...
Scotland Makes World's First Urban Green Space Map - Holyrood Palace, the royal residence in Scotland, is
Great read! The fortune of discovering a diamond planet and NOT being a climate scientist
Pink Hats Build a Gold Tower: Inside Avon's New LEED Gold HQ
Yet Another Pol Warns Obama About Keystone XL Pipeline
7 Hot Topics from SOCAP 2011
European Commission Disputes Opinion on Biofuels Emissions ~NYTimes
"Smart grid is just about intelligently using tech" CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative at Business Drivers and Impact panel gridweek
Planet Zero - Video Game that raises environmental awareness?
New evidence cites more BP oil spill mistakes as panel prepares to release its report
Indo-British Social Enterprise Promotes 'socially responsible tourism': Indo-British Social Enterprise Promotes ...
Colorado Wind Power Company to Compete With Fossil Fuel Prices
Lit Motors unveils all-electric, fully enclosed#motorcycle
CDP's Annual Report Finds Sustainable Companies are More Profitable
Sustainability Hits the Fast Lane at the Frankfurt Auto Show
There's more to LED lighting than just light bulbs. Consider Lighting Science's Glimpse ceiling fixture.
Hungary fines metals firm behind 2010 red sludge flood $647 million for environmental damages green
The US *clean economy* employs about 2.7 million ppl. That’s more workers than fossil fuel industry:

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