Monday, June 20, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 29

Does your facility need to become more sustainable? Discover CurrentState. 
We Can Do Without a Conductor – Why Society Needs Less Leadership and More Social Resilience by 
Green is about safeguarding the future: 
Green Chamber of Commerce Perspective on Benefit Corporations & California’s B Corp bill, AB 361 
Connect with nature through its beauty: Stunning pictures on National Geographic - Life in colors – Blue
Pay TV boxes hike electricity bills, waste energy
Lead by example: A life devoted to sustainability makes you happier
Putting nature back into agriculture - "Save and Grow" farming model launched by  FAOnews:
Can you get sued by the disposable plastic bags for promoting reusable ones? > 
The democracy that is born in the European occupied squares
Afforestation will hardly dent warming problem: study
Does your company need to find ways to go green? Discover CurrentState. 
Morgan Stanley Announces Nonprofit Winners of Cash Grants to Implement Pro Bono Strategic Advice... 
Latest: TEPCO to Open Second Fukushima Reactor Building - AFP Tokyo Electric Power Co. said it will open a second ...
Young leaders are changing the world by working for themselves
Siemens’ CIO Discusses Sustainability: Siemens’ Chief Information Officer Cristy Woodruff presents
International Green Awards: The INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS are internationally established as the...
CSP-PV pricing… The ongoing price war: The ongoing PV vs CSP competition is studied in depth at the upcoming CS...
Most Australians want 100% renewable energy, poll says
Europe's top industrial firms have a cache of 240 million pollution permits
Alta to Disclose the Science in Getting to 28.2% Single Junction Efficiency: Alta Devices is a well-funded solar...
Federal nuclear regulators repeatedly weaken or fail to enforce safety standards.
New Post: The Great Courses: Earth’s Changing Climate Part 1 DVD
Hybrid rocket/seaweed jet ready to fly in 2050, keep emissions above ozone (video)
Natural Power announces new high performance drill rig service: Leading international renewable energy consultancy...
Google pours $280 million into Residential Solar: 
In Sweden, The Eco City Poised as an Export: STOCKHOLM --- Today, the Stockholm Royal Seaport, on the western ...
Developing a Wind Farm Support Campaign: Highlighting the facts, benefits and advantages of a wind farm are a c...
Atmospheric carbon dioxide buildup unlikely to spark abrupt climate change
Two wheels as good as four says new electric motorbike association
The WaterWheel Makes Clean Water Cheaper, Easier To Carry
First Solar Owns a Gold, Silver, and Tellurium Mine?: First Solar (Nasdaq:FSLR) is by far the leading producer...
 "Football as metaphor of CSR & Sustainability".
The necessity for business collaboration in a socially sustainable world
Blommer Chocolate Achieves Goal of 40,000 Cocoa Farmers in Its Sustainable Sourcing Program: 
A million homes, a world of possibilities: The growth of the renewable energy industry is often measured by ca...
NHA, CAREBS applaud growing focus on energy storage benefits to U.S. grid: The following is a joint statement o...
Teaching Your Children to Do Good: How to Raise a Philanthropist 
Palm oil, dam building & rainforest destruction may soon lead to the end of the Penan indigenous tribe in Malaysia.
Salt marsh sediments help gauge climate-change-induced sea level rise
Fastest sea-level rise in two millennia linked to increasing temperatures
U.S. solar PV expands by 66 percent in Q1 on cheaper parts:
Sustainable Building Matters - SBM
 Inetec - The environmental technology innovator
Our Breathing Planet - A green blog from Dubai
 MilkTheSun - makes saving the Earth affordable
Eco Evaluator - Helping people lead healthy and green lives by providing reliable research, eco...
The social challenge of tipping towards sustainability. Impressive and clear minded
Nominations Open for "The Citizen," America's Top CSR Recognition Award, Presented by the U.S. Ch... 
Nuclear Power Panel: What’s at Stake VIDEO Well worth listening to. Panel held GreenMBA. Very relevant for this time!
Beautiful Graphics Explain The Master Plan For A Nearly Zero Carbon Emissions Europe By 2050
Controversial Chinese-funded hydro-power dams in Burma are causing civil unrest and an increasing death toll.
El Salvador to Pour $500 Million into Renewables: El Salvador's Comision Ejecutiva Hidroelectrica del Rio Lempa...
Energy market lacks power
Somerville adopts stretch code for energy-efficient development
Pure Cleaners - Green Dry Cleaning. Green Earth. Green Clothes. NYC. 

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