Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 87

To address climate change, don’t forget the largest carbon-spewing machine on earth: the U.S. electric grid [VIDEO]
PRO: The race for cost-effective and efficient solar power
Switching to any energy source involves new resource dependencies |
Last 12 Months Were Hottest on Record for US
Exclusive: New Solarcentury boss outlines international ambitions: business_green Africa, the B...
Green Alliance: Save tax relief for low-carbon savings and investments: business_green Think ta...
GOP House leaders trying to resurrect the rejected KXL tar sands pipeline in transport bill. Speak out:
Can real-time pricing green the grid? [VIDEO]
Siemens Plans to Clean Up Trucking With a Trolley Line: Plans are being made to do a proof-of-concept test on ...
Interactively explore energy and material intensities in US cities -
Why companies need composting to meet zero waste goals
New video of the week, topic of the week, and article of the week up at
Smart Grid - Echelon's latest offering: a big score in Asia -…
Carmanah Announces EG145 Solar Streetlight at LIGHTFAIR Gathering -
Is bike sharing adding to cities beyond just adding another transportation options?
Bioenergy favourite with readers this time last year
The Most Sustainable Colleges In America
Environment based Jeremy Kyle parody, so funny. -
Smart Grid - How a Smarter Grid Can Keep the Lights On | PG&E Currents:
EcoFact The energy we save when we recycle one glass bottle is enough to light a traditional light bulb for four hours.
This is kind of cool: Repair Cafes popping up across the Netherlands: neighbors joining together to fix stuff.…
Current State of Clean Energy
In the year of Solyndra, what's a solar analyst to do? Sell, sell, sell.…
120 Billion Ft2 of Energy Efficient Housing to be built in Next Eight Years
Microsoft Commits to Carbon Neutrality Microsoft Imposes a Carbon Price on Itself - The tech giant announced that it will be carbon neutral by the next fis...
Yinka Dene protest against Enbridge's pipeline downtown outside Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones Newswires
Kurion Continues Fukushima Cleanup, Moves to Test Vitrification of Nuclear Waste…
Consolidation Chronicles: Soltecture Joins the Ranks of German #Solar Insolvencies…
Court bans Exxon Valdez tanker from entering India for dismantling
Sustainable Brands welcomes Peter Glatzer to speak about our shifting culture this June in San Diego…
Indian Activists Visit Appalachia To Build Global Coalition Against Coal Industry
Smart Grid - Smart-Meter Defiance Slows $29 Billion U.S. Grid Upgrade
Memo: Group Wants To Create Fake Grassroots Wind 'Subversion' Campaign That 'Should Appear As A Groundswell': L...
New Anti-Bacterial Packaging to Prolong Pepsi’s Shelf-Life
Solar Done Wrong - AB 1073 is Not the Right Path to a Clean Energy Future
Argentina and the magic soybean: the commodity export boom that wasn't | Mark Weisbrot
Warm water threatens vast Anatarctic ice shelf - The Christian Science Monitor
Climate Change Pushes Europe's Alpine Plants Toward Extinction - Environment News Service
GOP Calls Obama's Offshore Drilling Plan Too Restrictive -
Climate scientists discover new weak point of the Antarctic ice sheet -
ND To Allow Missouri River Water Use For Drilling
Latest blog post! Making CSR stick with employee engagement...
Cheetahs hit a hurdle. India's courts halt Cheetah reintroduction plan
The Green Button Revolution for Utility Customers
Conservation Can Be Good for Your Health
Cloudfunding is now in pre-launch! Help support local sustainability in American business! 

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