Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 81

(A very interesting debate emerged over the comments): The Limits to Environmentalism bit.ly/JKybX3
Global Warming Refuge Discovered Near At-Risk Pacific Island Nation of Kiribati - bit.ly/IQPAcL
Canada may find canola too much of a good thing - http://is.gd/ZLGbdx
Brazil cracks down on wild animal trade mnn.com/earth-matters/…
The infighting that threatens to undermine US nuclear safety - bit.ly/IumBz4
Ohio exotic animal stampede ignites vast law review huff.to/JDtv1x
Shyam Mehta at Solar Summit --Shyam Mehta at GTM Solar Summit on solar analysts "We have all been terrible at predicting demand." No end in overcapacity until China pulls plug. Solar weaning period moving from subsidized demand to unsubsidized demand GTM Solar Summit. Solar market - When will the pain stop? Blended component gross margins will start recovering this year according to Shyam Mehta.
Leaf-mimicking solar cell delivers more power than flat designs bit.ly/K41eoS
Frack Water Market to Grow 9-fold to $9 Billion in 2020 - shar.es/2popo
The number of fuel-efficient car models has doubled from 2009! Better mpg means huge savings for consumers: j.mp/IQrcI8
News: Activists occupying Shell icebreaker ship in Finland - http://bit.ly/K0dMe5
OMA to Transform Stalin-Era Prefab into the New Home for the Garage Center in Moscow http://bit.ly/KsH1DL ~Inhabitat
Could the SolarCity IPO Hail a New Competitive Era for Solar? ow.ly/1jiYiN
Green targets being watered down for UN summit - observers - dlvr.it/1VyZlk
Ocean 2.0, After the Spill - bit.ly/Il1eM7
EPA Regional Administrator Resigns - bit.ly/IvdMFh
Carol Cone: Sustainability, Citizenship, CSR: Don't Get Stuck on the Name... Continue the Journey after 25 years huff.to/IoHBDL
On the Long, Long Life of a Plastic Bag - goo.gl/fb/9Js6V
Transforming Suburbia into Eco-Utopia (part 2) goo.gl/fb/vuuQl
What if an EV could power your home? invent.ge/IOVsBN
The Truth Will Come Out: The Power of Crowds bit.ly/IrnZRf
Toyota says that the 2016 Prius, which will have lithium-ion batteries, will be made in the USA http://goo.gl/1H7ts
Sustainable: Underneath Minnesota, abundant energy goes untapped bit.ly/JGgGmV
EcoFacts - Save energy and wear & tear on your hardware by shutting down your computer at night You'll save an average of $90 of electricity a year.
GMOs? No thanks! Like and Share if you agree! fb.me/11xEehPJN
Ford to EV Dealers: Meet Environmental Requirements bit.ly/Irud3v
carboNZero is the First Non-British Company to Provide PAS 2050 Certification - shar.es/2pb7m
Reusing Cars and Food: Two sustainability UK Startups ow.ly/aDmhq
Rep Louise Slaughter stands up for public health with great op-ed: Antibiotics in agriculture threaten public health j.mp/IkUbTz
Independent Analysis Confirms That Hydraulic Fracturing Caused Drinking Water Contamination In Wyoming bit.ly/K4Rxq1
The Easy Ways to Go Green thedailygreen.com/going-green/la…
New data shows polar bears are taking much longer swims with less sea ice - http://on.doi.gov/IvANb0
Chemist Delivers Cleaner Air With Novel Carbon-Capture Technique - Newswise (press release) bit.ly/IvCqW7 

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