Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 83

A good explanation to use when someone asks you 'what is sustainable development?'
Climate change: what do models predict for Europe?
Achieve True Alignment Between Business Goals And Responsible Corporate Citizenship: We are movi...
Buenos Aires’ Newly Opened ‘Picnic’ Is the City’s First Vegan Fast Food Restaurant ~Inhabitat
Nevada tribe fights coal plant in pollution battle - Las Vegas Sun
Asian countries told to reduce climate change’s negative impacts - Jakarta Post
7 Million Birds Killed Each Year, Confused by TV Towers - ABC News
The Low-Level Radiation Puzzle ~NYTimes
Food is the New Oil, Land is the New Gold - - by Alison Buckholtz
Japan Nuclear Disaster: Crisis-Hit Country Mulls Shift To Renewable Energy - Huffington Post
Climate Impacts Day and a new way to look at the world - The Christian Science Monitor
Ocean Conservation? It's as British as Fish and Chips -
One World One Ocean’s first movie “To The Arctic 3D” Narrated by Meryl Streep -
The Top Five Anti-Environment Objectives of ALEC
GMO Food Fight Heats Up In California: Supporters of a bill in California that would require marketers...
Capital the key in halting export of ideas
Banking and sustainability on the agenda for VirginMoney
Antibiotics in agriculture threatens public health
Sustainable Business Practices Balance Creativity and Efficiency; Many companies suffer from disproportionately
Construction Begins on Solar Installation at Patriot Place
The Senate transportation bill would create ~2.9 million jobs. Demand that House Republicans stop playing games with KXL:
Welcome to the Magical World of Pee Wee’s Compost Heap!…
Living Green and Saving Money – Our Grandparents did it why can’t we?…
The world’s largest eco-city is rising from China's wastelands WanderingGaia is there to get a 1st-hand look:
Truth may snare BP execs in Gulf oil spill cover-up
Interview: Beth Holzman of Timberland Talks about the Company's CSR Performance
Eco-Friendly Robot Is in the Works [VIDEO]
Historic mining town sues coal company
'Tough love' for energy reform so far
Japan offers Massive Growth for Solar
After 2 years and bad Texas drought, La Nina leaves; also good news for hurricane areas - Washington Post
Greenland Glaciers Are Speeding Up - Greenland Losing Ice Fast, but Not Runaway Pace - ABC News
Panetta: Climate change a national security threat - Daily Oklahoman
Ex-BP engineer arraigned on obstruction charges -
More on the Science of Clouds and Climate - New York Times
New NOVA natural gas fired plant to prevent blackouts, reduce electric bills - Examiner
Sustainable practices yield fewer grain crops, but is that all that matters?
Survey: Sustainability an ‘Important Factor’ in Supply Chain Choices: 

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