Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 78

GE and GM: How to get the most out of convergence #green
Green news roundup: BP, bees and buses
Vandals Destroy The City's Only State Park Just Weeks Before It Shuts Down
Eileen Flanagan: Moving the Green Movement Forward (Literally)
Welcome to the Anthropocene [Short Video] -
Keystone XL not 'make or break' climate issue: Obama
Fully Networked WattStation and WattStation Connect Software Launched
Why America Is A Bigger Risk For Mad Cow Than Other Countries -
10 green topics worth losing sleep over
Burger King promises to use free range eggs, pork:
Going Away? Make Sure Your Electric Car Stays Happy Without You -
Unilever’s Head of Sustainability Talks Progress, Difficulties and Competition
Ethical Leadership: Circumstances, Challenges, and Conflict…
Public split over elimination of US energy subsidies, poll finds - Los Angeles Times
U.S. voters favor regulating carbon dioxide: survey -
Witnessing a glacier's race to the sea -
Ukraine Starts New Chornobyl Sarcophagus Construction - Yahoo Finance
UN chief urges international community to look ahead on Chernobyl anniversary - Xinhua News Agency
40 New York City Historic Sites Vie For $3 Million In Preservation Grants: Forty historic New Yo...
Why must humans adapt to buildings? Watch this incredible video of a structure that changes to meet human needs.
Chinese farmer builds AMAZING solar- and wind-powered car:
EPA official under fire for “crucify” comment Green Blog: E.P.A. Official Spoke of 'Crucifying' Polluters
Spinach-based solar cells get $90,000 development funds from EPA, Popeye delighted
China quietly scaling back on its electric vehicle plans
USDA Blog: USDA's Chief Veterinary Officer on the Recent BSE Case (aka Mad Cow)
Today OnEarth: Ted Nugent Ban, the Cleanest Cars, Cage-Free Burger King
CSR Is Much More than a Branding Exercise
Singing Green. Can Music Help Save Our Planet?
Study Hints at Greater Threat of Extreme Weather – New York Times
Tellabs has recycled more than 200 metric tons of equipment in the last 2 years.
Taking Action On Climate And Clean Energy In 2012: A Menu Of Effective And Feasible Solutions
Handle objection to sustainability in the boardroom and convince those around you that green is the way to go.
The 2012 Edelman Good Purpose Report: U.S. Consumers Feel Responsible But Involvement in Social ...
10 Ways to Spring-Clean GMOs Out of Your Home
If it doesn't make business sense, it won't be sustainable. 

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