Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 86

Queens Students Get Water Lessons by Designing Playground http://bit.ly/JPzHRb
Few Seize on a U.S. Bond Program Backing Green Energy dealbook.nytimes.com/2012/05/07/few…
An Old Texas Tale Retold: the Farmer vs. the Oil Company - http://is.gd/ucEpcd
Do the Feds care about antibiotics in animal feed? dlvr.it/1XX7Nw
Microsoft makes 'carbon neutral' near term goal with carbon fee charge back model - grn.bz/Jzg13W
Mango Delayed Due to Climate Change ow.ly/1jywwq
Our Massive Marine Energy Potential: Scouring The Tropics For Thermal Energy bit.ly/KZR59k
Eastman Chemical is given Energy Efficiency Awards for 19th Year shar.es/2dKqg
Japan Negative energy drives positive change | ow.ly/aIUXx
Could Mushrooms Uproot Plastic Packaging?" from NRDC's OnEarthMag: j.mp/Jct12s
Court Ordered Notice Program About Two Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Settlements Is Initiated - StreetInsider... ow.ly/1jyE0v
Smart Grid - How do utilities know there is a power outage? You call them! But with smartmeter you don't have to: ow.ly/aM4dY
Future Cities: Imagining, Planning, and Bringing them to Life | Sustainable Cities Collective fb.me/XTWUiGFV
Green Air Project – Another way to reduce your carbon footprint! gogreenamericatv.com/green-air-proj…
Inexpensive long range Electric Vehicles – is it possible? gogreenamericatv.com/inexpensive-lo…
Developing an Effective Communication Strategy to Convey Environmental Values - ow.ly/aMgG6
US, environmentalists OK gas wells on federal land - on.msnbc.com/Jp2HDU
Anti-Climate Group Compares 62% of Americans to Serial Killers, Loses $1 Million in Sponsors - Tree H... http://ow.ly/1jzimu
Climate Change Threatens Crucial Marine Algae - Inter Press Service http://ow.ly/1jzimv
Support Cools for Action on Global Warming - http://LiveScience.com http://ow.ly/1jzimD
Did you know Google Earth is helping with real world conservation? http://bit.ly/KKHEsq
'An Economist Gets Lunch': Food for thought from Tyler Cowen bit.ly/KDptdJ
The VC industry is broken. So now what? dlvr.it/1Xcpvs
Robert Redford on his new documentary "Watershed" about the Colorado River j.mp/IWfbVR
Report Upbraids Canadian Government on Emissions dlvr.it/1XcsKf
Conservative think tanks step up attacks against Obama's clean energy strategy j.mp/IW2tGt
Social enterprise models grow the green economy & create local jobs. Check out RecycleForce leading the way: bit.ly/Kisygn

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