Friday, May 4, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 84

European climate change to hit Scandinavia and south hardest - YAHOO!
Volvo hybrid truck breaks world speed record
The world is changing, or is it? Is the electric car finally here to stay? -
NRDC uncovers Keystone XL tarsands pipeline fast track provision in the Transportation Bill
Younger generation of entrepreneurs speaks out on green
Breaking News: First Solar Gets New CEO, New CTO: Greentech Media
Impressive Denver study on equity & transit should become national model
Japanese Proposed Tariffs Submitted: In what may be the most significant renewable energy policy development...
Scientists: Deep Ocean Beneath Antarctic Responding Rapidly to Climate Change - Common Dreams
Coal-fired power plants to close early in Chicago - PennEnergy
Five green things we’ve learnt this week: business_green From Heartland horribleness to eco-gym...
Grocery Cart Suggests Better Food Choices
Organic bakery finds ingredient for success
EcoFact Each gallon of fuel releases 20 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air.
Smart Grid - spending to reach $65 billion annually by 2017.

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