Friday, April 27, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 79

China to spend 4 trillion yuan on water conservation by 2020
Indian villagers' homes threatened by heritage ruling: The government has recently become aware of the value of ...
SAE Congress: Protean Brabus Mercedes-Benz E-Class hybrid previews the future -
Henning Larsen Unveils Plans for LEED Platinum Nordea Bank With Scandinavia’s Largest Trading Floor ~Inhabitat
i-CANADA, IT WORLD Canada, Support “Intelligent Community” Sustainability Agenda:
Discovery Channel isn’t a climate change denier - but a climate change avoider:
Significant Progress on Compensation for Marine Ecological Damage Caused by Penglai 19-3 Oil Spill Accident...
My school banned plastic water bottles -
Check the numbered stickers on fruits and veggies. If they start with No. 9, your produce is organic.
It’s official: China now eats twice the meat we do
Wind tells us something about pollution |
SeventhGen thinks USDA biobased certification will help consumers pick truly green products
Could clean energy threaten Florida's wildlife?
Jellyfish v Diablo Canyon #nuclear plant… "It might sound like the premise of a cult horror flick," but it's real.
Solve the energy problem. Use more bits, fewer atoms.…
Water Cycle Study Examines Global Warming, Ocean's Salt Content - Huffington Post
Offshore Wind: Mastering Global Energy Changes Through Technology -
Beware Of Rising Water Along American River -
Canadian Businesses not Climate-Ready Says NRT -
Tepco Agrees To Sell Controlling Stake To Government - Wall Street Journal
Ew! Eyeless shrimp and deformed fish now routinely caught in the Gulf
Pacific Shark Survey Shows 90 Percent Decline Near Human Populations
Nothing Progressive About Obama Admins “Bioeconomy”, Industry Trumps Environment:
"Renewable Energy Sector Set To BOOM!" Eco blog
Europe Has To Respond To Its 'Embarrassing' Carbon Trading Failure by Dina Spector
Unregulated tourism is ravaging the Western Ghats: Unlike in the case of mining where it urged for a bla...
Foster + Partners Unveils New Steel Pyramid Passive Art Museum in Datong, China ~Inhabitat
GE charges up its WattStation with a fully networked platform
Chevron’s Quarterly Profit Is Up To $6.5 Billion, Production Is Down, Tax Rate Is Still Lower Than Yours
Vegetarians have a somewhat reduced risk of developing gall & kidney stones.
Smart Grid - Technology trends: Protective relay use on the rise -…
Farmers want feral hogs to oink free
Change and Sustainability – Our Ongoing Challenge.…
EPA announces Intel as No. 1 on Green Power Rankings
Joel Salatin responds to New York Times “Myth of Sustainable Meat” -
The new resource dependence
Thailand Wins Three PATA Awards 2012, All in Environment and Heritage Categories: By promoting increased Corpora...
Condo Owners Fight Homeowner Associations For Their Right to Install Solar Power ~Inhabitat
Objection Handling Tactics for the Sustainability Professional…
24 Hours to Save the Bees!
Green Blog: Ministers Wrap Up Clean Energy Powwow
Two Years on, BP Gulf Disaster Proves Obama Just As Oil-Soaked A Political Stooge as Cheney or Bush -
Sustainability - with Wal-Mart as the example
Antarctic ice melting from warm water below: research - China Post
Climate Leadership From American Colleges and Universities - Huffington Post
NJ residents weigh in on offshore oil drilling - Daily Oklahoman
And the greentech VC exodus continues

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