Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 77

New Global Environment Alert - cheap oil ends: a threat to food security & incentive to reduce fossil fuels in agriculture
Ex-BP Worker Accused of Destroying 2010 Gulf Spill Texts -
Death Valley’s 113°: Hottest April Temperature On Record In U.S.
Fairtrade Access Fund To Provide Loans To Smallholder Farmers
Today's Green Sustainability CSR posts are UP! - Caelus Green Room - (Apr 25) -
Adam Mott, Manager of Sustainability The Northface is leading the Product Scorecarding breakout at SustainableBrands12con
Why valuing your workers as assets makes financial sense
April 25 News: We Must Deploy Clean Energy Quickly ‘To Avert Potentially Disastrous Consequences’ Warns IEA
Back by popular demand - A fantastic infographic about How Green is your iPad -
Tesla and SolarCity Team Up to Create New Off-the-Grid Solar Power Storage System ~Inhabitat
Atlanta's transport plans show urban divide: BRT would do so much for S.…
The Obama fuel economy standards could save US drivers $68 billion by 2030. That's a lot of dough!
The Best Green Designs in Ventura Lambrate at the Milan Furniture Fair ~Inhabitat
Dubia CSR helps local companies to ‘compete and innovate’
Gorgeous NASA time-lapse video shows journey around Earth
Major Investors and Companies Tackle Climate Change and Sustainability at Ceres Conference in Bo...
Virgin Media adds 242,000 net TiVo subscribers to 677,100 total - 18% of the TV base (press release)…
Coke Studies Personal Carbon Allowances With The Carbon Trust
Ecotourism: The Blue Ocean Strategy | Speak Up For The Blue: Ecotourism can be good for the Oceans, but ...
Mad-Cow Case Confirmed in Central California, USDA Says -
How cities like Copenhagen + Portland grow green: Urbanisation + inventing a clean economy of place | Bruce Katz
Is genetically modified food safe? | News - Home
Judge to hold hearing on Gulf oil spill settlement
Antarctic Ice Loss Mainly From Warm Ocean Currents, Study Shows - Businessweek
Trump to Scotland: Wind farms hurt tourism - United Press International
Behind the present pause in global warming - Washington Post
Draft Report on Food Security and Climate Change Falls Short - Common Dreams
Floating Jellyfish Robot Propels Itself Through the Air Using Self-Inversion ~Inhabitat
Owners Of Ship That Caused Massive Bay Oil Spill Try To Shift Blame
Rooftop solar panels cause clashes with homeowner groups
Korean funds back tenKsolar’s wave solar
8 Ways Why Twitter is Great for Your Green Business “Social networks aren’t about Web sites. They’r
Polar bears - older past, same future?
The Clarity Project: A Sustainable Jeweler and Sustanable Business12con Innovation Open Alumni

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