Monday, April 23, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 75

Sustainability is finally hitting home
We Need Decentralized and Renewable Energy - Huffington Post
BP Disaster Anniversary a Reminder of Regulatory Changes Needed - Huffington Post
CWT's "Impact on the Gridiron" Event Wins PR News Corporate Social Responsibility Award: Carlson...
Carbon reduction is the new Rock 'n' Roll: UPS Helps Pearl Jam Tour More Sustainably | brandchannelhub
Storify: The collective wisdom on fracking
Seattle resident Bernie O'Brien rescues & transplants hundreds of unwanted trees:
The new EPA Clean Air Act rules for dangerous air pollution from natural gas...
LED Retrofit to Save Marriott $120,000 Annually
Greenpeace's clean cloud push: Hey, they've got a point
Fueling the Future with Renewable Diesel-
Increasing the Impact of TOMS Shoes
Africa sitting on sea of groundwater reserves - Chicago Tribune
Gulf Oil Spill: Residents To Receive Additional $64 Million From BP Compensation Fund - Huffington Post
CSX Named One of Nation's Best Corporate Citizens: Corporate Responsibility (CR) Magazine named ...
US introduces $60 LED light bulb -
Report on employment and skills in the UK renewable energy sector to be launched with Greg Barker
Public back wind farm subsidies, survey suggests
White killer whale adult spotted for first time in wild -
'Wind turbines moratorium needed' - MSN UK News
Analysis: Wisconsin must take action to prepare for climate change - Post-Crescent
Johnson Controls ranked #3 on Maplecroft Climate Innovation Indexes - Yahoo Finance
Industry pressured feds to weaken coal regulations - Financial Post
Russia says arctic oil spill controlled - United Press International
Real food activist speaks on importance of farm ethics - News - The Oracle:
Lutron Gives Tips for Saving Energy at Home on Earth Day and Every Day -
5 Creative Ways to Connect Our Kids (And Yourself) to Nature
McDonald’s “Best of Green” Highlights Leading Global Sustainable Practices
Woman Receives Anonymous Threats after Opposing Monsanto -
sPower™ Installs Solar Energy for the University of Utah
Critical List: Snow comes in April this year; Obama campaign seeks environmentalists
Private Water Companies Join Forces With Fracking Interests
Environmental Collective Declares War on Trees
On Our Radar: Floating Wind Turbines ~NYTimes
How can architecture, lighting, and other elements create healing environments to improve quality of healthcare?
Green Tips - Be aware of radon when choosing your countertop
Romney Goes Blue Collar, Says of Keystone ‘I Will Build That Pipeline If I Have To Do It Myself’
A new approach to environmental monitoring could avert ruin for some of the world's poorest communities -
Alcatel-Lucent and China’s Tsinghua University reveal high awareness of green ICT benefits in China
First Solar sinks to record low after analyst says biz model is "unsustainable" - ouch:
Ep 12 Earth Day, Occupy, Fracking and big news with Cab: [[posterous…
COLUMN-Unknown cost of offshore wind a concern: Gerard Wynn - Reuters UK
'Gaia' scientist James Lovelock: I was 'alarmist' about climate change -
Correction: Climate Change Is a Fact - Huffington Post
Shell Nigeria oil spill '60 times bigger than it claimed' - The Guardian
Warming May Trigger More Volatility in Corn Prices, Study Says
UK Supermarket Chain to Cut Carbon Emissions with Slimline Toilet Rolls ~Inhabitat
A tale of two solar energy reports
Arctic fishing moratorium needed, say scientists.
Panasonic Forms Renewable Energy Unit: Panasonic Eco Solutions North America
Rare Indian lions' last stronghold (PHOTOS)
Smart Grid - See how the SmartGrid can help us live more sustainably
Disease-ridden Fish, Eyeless Shrimp, Mutated Sea Life ? Welcome to the Toxic Gulf of Mexico (Video) -
Sustainable Jersey Announces $200000 for Municipal Sustainability Projects: Funded by the PSEG Foundation, the S...
Brilliant NASA photos depicting changes over just the past few decades x-post regarding climate - 

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