Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 74

Ford, Dow Researching Carbon Fiber for Lighter Vehicles
Ocean temperatures have been rising for 100 years -
Is The Next Big Climate Change Solution Just Vaporware? -
Amid Din of Pipeline Debate, a Quieter Fight Over Property Rights…
'Clean tech government funding falling off a cliff' report out today. Can politicos agree on funding R&D? Federal funding for clean tech is set to dry up by the end of 2014. What investment improvements should we make?
Fueling the Future with Renewable Gasoline-
How SEI's Carol Weis is Making a Difference Globally
Officials in Victoria, in Eagle Ford Shale, watching ozone -…
Slate: Why Don't Conservative Cities Walk?…
Geothermal heating system draws on limitless fuel: sewage
Texas lawmakers eyeing ways to make city farming easier -…
Setback for UK wind industry as Doosan scraps investment plans - The Guardian
Scientists: Fish are sick where BP's oil spill hit -
In Japan, the power of fear is one way to promote energy conservation…
Drillers say costs manageable from pending gas emissions rule…
Solar Summit Update: 50 Speakers and Counting in Phoenix: Greentech Media and GTM Research's fifth annual Solar...
"In this ideal world, no one ever thought to build coal-fired power plants or stick gas tanks on cars."
Can Shareholder Activism Spur Electric Utilities to Shift Away from Coal?
Maryland blazes the trail to get arsenic out of chicken feed
If every US household replaced conventional shower cleaner w/ours we could save 7,300 barrels of oil!
Can We Stop The Collapse of Federal Clean Energy Support Without Talking About Climate Change Or A Carbon Price?
Discover more about a common, global platform for companies to measure and report on product sustainability.
The Price of Fracking: Earthquakes and Groundwater Contamination -
IBM to Receive World Environment Center Gold Medal for International Corporate Achievement in Sustainable Development
ShoeBox Recycling and Recyclebank Partner to Recycle Shoes -
Clean energy projects continue to power America's economic recovery
Video game consoles are growing energy hogs
U.S. Wind Energy Industry Confronts Squalls
FirstGroup Wins Sustainability Prize at Scottish PLC Awards -…
Seven Out of Ten Americans Agree: Climate Change Leads to Extreme Weather -
General Motors Rewards Supplier for Environmental Excellence
Thanks EPA for finally regulating fracking regarding air pollution. Now, about that groundwater contamination issue…

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