Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2012 Issue 63

What does sustainability mean to you? http://virg.co/HZC3l
Renewable Resources Group Gets Final EIR Go For its 650 MW SunPower PV plant: The final Environmental Impact R... bit.ly/HICwqC
Space-Tech Camera Sees Radiation, Can Assess Danger Levels - bit.ly/HbdWRC
MidAmerican unit purchases wind farm in Illinois bit.ly/HIBY3Z
Sustainable Energy Roadmaps Report Shows How Billions Could Get Clean Energy bit.ly/HIBY3T
iPhone, iPad, iCloud and... iFuelCell? Apple chooses fuel cell to power data center -smartgridnews.com/artman/publish…
Some Coral May Be Better Suited for a Warmer, More Acidic Ocean - http://bit.ly/HPrg9T
Just Undo It: Nike, NASA partner on waste innovation challenge http://bit.ly/HKLLYE
Worried about thieves in your garden? These plants have spiky leaves or stems to deter intruders. http://bit.ly/HDh7MY
Mobile battery life improves, but not how you’d think http://ow.ly/1iwpOJ
Algae startup Sapphire Energy raising $144M http://bit.ly/Hb1otc Solazyme and Bunge Plan Factory to Make Oil From Algae http://dlvr.it/1P48lb
Romney supported cap-and-trade in 2003 as a way to combat climate change http://bit.ly/HDnX8K
Nancy Huehnergarth: Americans Have Beef With Food System Transparency http://dlvr.it/1Nz8g1
Pulp Nonfiction: Sustainable Communications and the Next Generation Wine Label http://ow.ly/9YZX6
5 green things you need to know about Insecticides http://shar.es/pFEQL
Hardens and Sustainable Restaurants Association team up to promote green-star dining: business_green ... http://bit.ly/HT1ByF
10 ways to save money on food without compromising your principles - http://is.gd/S7ptnd
Linking ICT with Climate Action, a report from the Broadband Commission Working Group on Climate Change http://j.mp/H9eeas
Want young customers in China? Cut your emissions http://grn.bz/HNzzRy
Serious Energy in Serious Trouble: Serious Energy, the green drywall and windows company that’s spent the past... http://bit.ly/HGQkTz
What Is Embodied Energy and Why Does It Matter? http://bit.ly/HdfKG9
Why Regional Innovation Clusters Should Not be Demonized http://bit.ly/HFa0Ze
Nine Low-Tech Steps For Community Resilience In A Warming Climate http://bit.ly/HUy1G6
Maria Rodale: 6 Reasons Organics Can Feed the World http://huff.to/HO7yNX
U.S. BOEM Forms South Carolina Offshore Renewable Energy Task Force http://goo.gl/fb/OMtvw
Clouds Over the Solar Industry in Britain [Guest Post] A couple of years ago, I reported on the - http://bit.ly/HFO5Ry
Top Eleven Takeaways from WSJ’s Conference on Business and Sustainability http://ow.ly/1ixGUL
Obama: I'm Pro-Oil Drilling, but Anti-Big Oil (Video) - The president attacks Mitt Romney and Big Oil in his first... http://ow.ly/1ixGUM
MIT: We’re one step closer to self-replicating objects http://ow.ly/1ixGub
March Heat Records Crush Cold Records by Over 35 To 1, Scientists Say Global Warming Loaded The Dice http://bit.ly/HPlyYZ March Heat Wave Shatters Monthly Records climatecentral.org/blogs/march-he…
With New System, Obama Admin to Approve Fracking & Drilling Operations in 1/3rd the Time http://bit.ly/HV3omN
Farming versus fracking: the battle for water http://huff.to/HOxvOp
More German PV Pain at Solar Developer Phoenix Solar: This is what a solar shakeout looks like. This is also t... http://bit.ly/HPmYCJ
On Our Radar: A Soupçon of van Gogh? http://bit.ly/Hisaxh ~NYTimes
Fukushima Radiation Moving Across Pacific Ocean - Huffington Post http://ow.ly/1ixT4w
China's grain at risk from climate change - United Press International http://ow.ly/1ixT4C
Climate health costs: Bug-borne ills, killer heat - Calgary Herald http://ow.ly/1ixT4H
EPA Proposes Historic Industrial Carbon Pollution Standards - Huffington Post http://ow.ly/1ixT4M
Ontario faces $1B lawsuit over wind farms moratorium - CTV http://ow.ly/1ixT52
Oceans began warming 135 years ago: Report - Deccan Herald http://ow.ly/1ixT55
Coral Links Ice Sheet Collapse to Ancient 'Mega Flood' - Science Daily http://ow.ly/1ixT58
Fundamentals of Eco Friendly Homes http://bit.ly/qA2w5o
Farm animal population continues to grow vitalsigns.worldwatch.org/vs-trend/farm-…
South American-based TreeHugger, Paualvarado says Medellin is the region's hotspot re. urban planning bit.ly/HbWaYw
A turbine that makes water from the desert air | SmartPlanet - smrt.io/HGreVY
Buying a piece of the farm fb.me/1JGWtzvUh
Arctic Warming is Altering Weather Patterns, Study Shows flpbd.it/BhD41
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office's climate projects - document flpbd.it/UINkK
There's More to Happiness Than GDP & There's a New Report to Prove It ow.ly/1ixV6g
Climate change is about more than extreme weather; it’s geopolitical conflict. See how our world is changing flpbd.it/BAE0U
Smartphones can make EV charging convenient. EKZ - Follow IBM EVweek for more updates bit.ly/Hs8u8n
How China will force Americans to drive electric cars http://dlvr.it/1P9FxK

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