Friday, February 10, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 28

Smart Grid -The ultimate driver of the smart grid is to help ensure energy independence and security says the IEEE -
Green Blog: A Very Warm January
This mild winter could mean an increase in the insect population -
Wind Historian Says: Build New Wind Farms Farther From Neighbors
Why all smart roads must lead to customers -
Tesla's Model X: Finally, an electric car we all want (link included)
Columbia School District Wins 2011 Green Cleaning Award 
PACE Financing on the Rebound: Property-assessed clean energy, or PACE, financing has had a rough ride over...
Green Budget Outlines Ideas for Federal Environmental Investments
CMS Energy challenged by shareholders on climate change, air pollution risks -
Barry Rascovar: Lots of hot air surrounds wind power - Maryland Community Newspapers Online
U.K. Switches on World's Biggest Offshore Wind Farm
Energy ubervampires? How can businesses be using 46% of energy outside business hours?
Genetically engineered crops reach 11.5% of the total arable land -
Republicans + Democrats in Colorado call for extension of wind-energy tax credit: 
California cap-and-trade money should be spent carefully, analyst says
$12 million in funding is now available for projects that speed solar energy innovation say the Dept of ENERGY
The Alternative Energy Matrix
The Las Vegas Strip Could Soon Be Powered By A Solar Tower - Inhabitat
IKEA Launches New Solvinden Wind and Solar-Powered Outdoor Lights
Cuba on the Road to Clean Energy Development
Why Stephen Harper is probably incapable of recognizing the reality of climate change - Georgia Strai...
Greenpeace 'Cool IT Leaderboard 5' Ranks Major Tech Companies Leading The Fight Against Climate Change...
Venezuela Oil Spill Accident/ Accidente en Venezuela – CNN
House fit for a green: Sustainable home construction booms:
An unusual part of global warming takes effect in Alaska -
Per US Solar Energy, Manufacturing & Jobs: Pres. Obama’s “Blueprint for an America Built to Last”
New Hybrid Solar Cells Harness More Of The Sun's Light Spectrum
HUGE Push to Save Renewable Energy Subsidies (Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Biomass, & Hydro) -
Hertz Tests Wireless EV Charging in the U.S. 

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