Monday, February 13, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 29

KPMG shelves controversial green energy report
Here's a great HUD Program for Energy Conservation
Is Sustainable Home Construction Booming? It Depends Who You Calling Sustainable.
Proposed water safety standards criticized; contaminated water sickening 1 in 28 swimmers 
Farmers May Have Kicked Off Local Climate Change 3,500 Years Ago - Scientific American
Greenhouse gases and global warming activate the steroid era of our atmosphere - Washington Post
Donald Trump Has A Tantrum Over Scotland's Offshore Wind Farms -
Majority of Protected Tropical Forests Are Empty Due To Hunting -
A new way of measuring carbon emissions that doesn’t let rich people cheat
"The Environmental Crisis Is in Fact a Crisis in Democracy" – IPS
Why climate hawks should care about birth control access:
Study: Humpback Whales Living in Same Ocean Basin Singing Different Tunes
Puma's Eco-Impacts Report Kicks the Ball Forward on Transparency
Amyris ditches biofuels, stock falls almost 30%
Super Efficient Water Heater is First New Product to Roll Off GE Appliances' Assembly Line in 50 Years
World's biggest offshore wind farm officially connected to the Grid - Environmental News Network
Green Blog: A Carbon Allowance in Every Pot
Debate Over Global Warming/Climate Change Heats Up - Voice of America
Pediatricians Warn: Common Chemicals Damaging Children’s Health -
Green Blog: Nuclear Power vs. Natural Gas
Fireside Chat: Canadian Corporate Leaders to share culture building strategies in the green economy... 
In 2035 the net-zero building market will be worth $1.3 trillion. Who wants a green home of their own?
Trump Assails Wind Farm
8 Amazing Green Buildings That Break Even on Energy Consumption -
Japan’s emissions shot up after Fukushima — but it could have been worse
'Extreme poverty, like extreme wealth can damage environment' George Monbiot  cites Oxfamtheneweconomics reports -
VIDEO: Tens of thousands remain evacuated nearly a year after Fukushima nuclear disaster - Public Radio Int...
Duh! We Need Free Birth Control to Fight Climate Change -
Insurance expert to lecture on climate change at ODU -
United States: Offshore Wind Energy Development In Mid-Atlantic Moving Forward - Mondaq
Dramatic changes to sea algae could have harmful effects for human health: Welsh academics - Wales...
Vermont health commissioner: "smart meters pose little health risk" 
Monagas, Venezuela Oil Spill Fouls Guarapiche River 
Research suggests room for improvement on supply-chain emissions reductions
3 Disruptive Lessons Automakers Should Learn for Greater Efficiency
Sabre Starts Industry’s First Eco-Certified Hotel Program 
Ignoring a problem because it’s too big to handle only makes a bad thing worse - water contamination stayed hush for too long -
Green Blog: Can Efficiency Counter a Loss of Nuclear Power?
Flush with pride: Greener (Brown) Toilet Paper and the Elusive Green Consumer -
24 Hours to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline -
Tandem polymer solar cells that set record for energy-conversion
Global Warming Makes Elephant Seals Dive Deeper, Study Suggests -
Climate change cited as shark attacks ‘double’ - Raw Story
Japan's actions to Fukushima disaster reflect more loyalty to United States than own citizens - DAILY KOS
Meteorologist Jeffrey Masters "Over the last couple of years, it’s really not the atmosphere I know anymore.” 
Green Blog: On Our Radar: Oil Salvage Effort Begins
Chipotle Airs Anti-Factory Farm Ad During Grammy Awards. What does this mean for Sustainable Business?
Safety last? The conundrum of connected cars
Will wind turbines get any love on Valentine's Day?
Protecting People from Extreme Heat - New Factsheet on Heat Health in India
Converting Our City Walls into Vertical Gardens
College students fight to ban bottled water on campus; Bottled water industry gets mad: Surprise, surprise.
Where the Renewables Are
"A green economy is about social equity, where everyone is heard and contributes."
Congressman Says Defunding Climate Science is a Priority for GOP Who needs science, really? 
US Solar CEOs' Letter Urges President to Focus on Solar Energy Trade with China
Court Rules Monsanto Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in France - The case is significant because farmers have so far be...
Study Shows Spike in Japan’s CO2 Levels After Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
Sweden is building a vertical greenhouse 18 stories high: Hello, urban farming!
Using big data to make an MPG for everything
Betting the farm: new model shows offshore wind farms at risk from hurricanes - Ars Technica
Ocean Life in the Balance: Will Science Overcome Politics at Rio+20 conference? - Huffington Post... 

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